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Ok - Herein shall go the 5,000 foot view of the forum. ( well that is a start ) Drew 21:04, 14 September 2007 (CEST)

@noranthon Full Post

We really do need taxonomy. I want to see, for example: spreadsheets >

formulas > list of functions >
> database
date / time

He also recommended this as a good example of a web page: http://www.google.com/

TerryE 01:53, 15 September 2007 (CEST) -- This issue of forum strutcure needs a page in its own right
Drew 21:50, 14 September 2007 (CEST) Interesting idea actually see OOo Custom Search Engine proposal

@foxcole add the following Full Post

So people are very, very wary and they wish to remain anonymous. I would hope that the new site could respect that and allow guests to participate however they wish, in any part of the site. But here's a question---which I think I already know the answer to---why force users to register in order to participate in the wider range of activities/services/communities in a user-to-user support site? What does it accomplish---site security on the forum/blog/etc. side? Does it reduce spam? block out automated mailers or other undesirables? Why do registrations seem to always require an e-mail address?

@ronia Full Post

We need to not think like the computer geeks (and you know I mean that in the best possible sense of the word) we are. We need to think like the average user who we are servicing.
Option 1 would contain tutorials....
Option 2 would take them to a search form first. .... OOo CSE again

@Hagar de l'Est Full Post

- Similar as current oooforum
- Locked forums : the rules and why not a [online] tutorial area (so the thread is not polluted by silly question - that would fall into the related area)
- Layout by module is the clearer way I guess
- What would be the aim of the wiki ? make tutorials ?
- Email interface could be interesting indeed
- Allow upload is very convenient
- Direct links to the official OOo documentation (making separate links for the wiki, How-to, user guides, templates, ...)
For the features, if new ones are possible, a RSS feed would be a nice improvement.

@madmaxx Full Post

I love vBulletin's functionality but ....
... combo between a good CMS and good forum would do the trick. ....
...plitting by modules (Writer, Calc...) is obvious I am not sure if there is not a better way to do it, closer to the user's starting point; somehow task-based....

@noranthon Full Post

Links to requests for features for OOoForum
Better search tools. All forums seem to be lacking in this respect. I'm not sold on Google, either. A variety of tools is probably the best answer.
Quick reply. (SMF and vBulletin have this feature.)
A high level layout
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