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This page summarizes useful information on the localization work needed for the 3.3 version.

Localization Schedule

  • June 21st - Translation can start based on the m83
  • July 8th - Translation handover based on the m84
  • July 15th - Translation delivery date. Target OOo 3.3 Beta 1. Focus on UI translation
  • July 22nd - CWS l10n builds available to test language integration issues
  • July 22nd - August 2nd TCM l10n testing. Focus on new features
  • August 19th - final translation deadline. UI + Help translation
  • September 30th - last l10n fixes deadline. UI + Help fixes + latest translation delivery

Release map with translation deadlines specific for the 3.3 release can be found at:

For more details on process and tools please go to: L10n General Information

New/Changed Estimated Volume

DEV300 m84 (for the ones who have translated 3.2.1)
UI: approx. 9000 words
Help: approx. 20000 words

Translation Schedule for Pootle Users

  • IMPORTANT: July 8th: Poolte has been updated with milestone m84. You can start translation.
  • IMPORTANT: on September 19th, Poolte has been updated with milestone OOO330m8. New and fuzzy strings should be translated by September 30th.
  • Please make sure to upload translated files to Pootle by the translation delivery deadlines.

New 3.3 Features

3.3 Features

Distributing L10n Builds

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