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Results of the User Feedback Program

User Feedback Data Visualization

Impress Click Map

The following click map of the Impress UI visualizes the clicks as reported by the User Feedback Program. The '#1:' indicates the ranking and has been assigned to the Top40 clicks on toolbars in Impress. The number states the clicks made to a controller int the toolbar. Some buttons are missing and will be updated soon. Impress Clickmap2.jpg

User Feedback Data Usage Data for Download

The Usage Feedback Data is available for different applications like Writer, Draw, Impress or Calc and a summary for all applications. The data has been updated in October 2009.

Impress Usage Data for Download

This spreadsheet is easier to use (no filtering for Impress needed) and will be used for the thinning out process of the Impress user interface.

The spreadsheet provides data for:

  • Shortcuts
  • Menu Entries
  • New: A list of not called events

and a new event analysis (20 prev/next events) for:

  • Undo
  • Text
  • Position and Size dialog

How to Find an UI Element in the Data?

If you want to figure out how a function is represented in the data, then:

  • try first to find the element in the data by searching for a part of the tip help
  • or use your OOo 3.1 copy, enable user feedback functionality and use the function. Then open the CSV file through "Tools - Options... - - Improvement Program" and see for yourself what has been recorded.
  • if you need more details use the source code browser for OOo OpenGrok.

Widget Types in OOo UI

  • AcceleratorExecute = Keyboard Shortcut
  • GenericToolbarController = Toolbar
  • SfxToolBoxControl = Toolbar
  • ButtonToolbarController = Toolbar
  • MenuBarManager = Contextmenu
  • HeaderMenuController = Menubar (Insert->Header)
  • FooterMenuController = Menubar (Insert->Footer)
  • LanguageSelectionMenuController = Menubar (Tools->Language)

Lists of Functions (Toolbar/Menu Commands) in OOo

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