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This site explains in short planned features for organizing and accessing templates online.

In a first step a template web site will be created, where template can be uploaded and downloaded. A link from the current 'Templates and Documents'-dialog in OpenOffice.org will point to that planned template web site.

In a future release these features will be offered from within the Office via a redesigned / new “Templates and Documents”-dialog (non-modal dialog) so that the user can interact with the web site content online directly from within the user interface.

List of features

  1. templates can be sorted into categories / sub categories
  2. search for templates
  3. short descriptions
  4. template versioning: templates get visible (marked) as updated ones on the site
  5. user feedback:
    1. users can comment the templates and also give feedback by email directly to the template-creator
    2. users can also vote the templates
  6. number of downloads is visible
  7. preview of thumbnails by mouse over the template thumbnail, so that the user can see the content of the template without the need to change the view..
  8. users can download a single selected template
  9. take over the meta data of the templates into the upload form; we can avoid an upload form by utilizing the meta data from the templates directly for the web site;
  10. download and upload should be possible on the template web site. For the upload authentication is needed, but due to a better usability the user will be asked for authentication, after he has clicked on the upload button, not before. This is also a must.
  11. It will be possible to expand and collaps the categories in the navigation pane on the left site, so that the user can select a subcategory within the visible sub categories of the expanded template category. By default the categories are collapsed. Only one category at a time can be expanded.
  12. link from Office to the template web site via implementing an URL with tip help text in the templates and documents dialog
  13. perhaps offer different views on the web site: At least per default tiled (vertical navigation). Perhaps a further kind of view to switch between;

Mockups of the Template Browser (three web site views)

Template Browser page1.png Template-browser-home.png Template Browser page2.png Template Browser page3.png

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