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Template Repository ToDo List

Open ToDo's

  • In progress: Breadscrumbs (Navigationpath) not implemented yet, below the banner of the page users should see the navigation path they are currently in, for example something like "Home >> Education >> ..." Note: This should be a Navigation Path and not a History. (AI: tbo)


  • OPEN: insert a link to the Template Repository into the so called "Thank you Page" of the online update (http://update.services.openoffice.org/ooo/index.html) and registration process. (AI: st)
  • Done: insert link pointing to Template Repository at side pane on the right of GullFOSSS blog (AI: st)
  • Done: Tags seem to get lost, at least for the specific "Bamboo" template the so called tag has vanished (AI: tbo)
  • DONE: generic license information on template site and provide new link to BSD example (AI: st)
  • done: Create statistic page for Template Repository similar to the one from the Extension Repository (AI: tbo)


  • OPEN: we will try to keep the search string to be displayed in the search box on the left after executing the search (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: an advanced search we will offer via the body window, for example to sort/filter results by author, rating, language (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: adjust the frame at comments section to show rounded borders (AI: tbo/stella)
  • OPEN: work out details regarding "my favorites" feature for templates
    stella already created some drafts you can see at http://ui.openoffice.org/VisualDesign/OOo_TemplateSite.html#favorites
  • Done: On the pages, where "Highest Rated", "Most Popular" and "Most Recent" are the titles, currently these categories appear with black font color. Their font color should be adjusted to the same blue value, which is used on the main page. This will help provide a consistent visual appearance. And: Currently is says "Highest rated" instead of "Highest Rated", as it is a title. (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: On pages, where the templates are listed, they currently appear with a shadow. Let us remove the shadows of this boxes. (AI: stella)
  • done: On the pages, where "Highest Rated", "Most Popular" and "Most Recent" are the titles, let us remove the borders around these titles completely. They don't help organize the content. (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: use of Omniture site names for Upload/Thankyou page (AI: tbo/st)


  • OPEN: support upload of .zip archive files which contain several templates
  • OPEN: generate preview images with StarOffice PDF converter


  • create / enable process to support localization of templates
  • work out details for support of generic templates (templates without language specific content) - Not here OOo does not support such kind of documents
  • simplify the process on how to specify / connect a license for a template
  • add functionality to read tags from template during upload, to enable users to edit them even during the upload
  • the terms people use for searching items should be put into log files on regular base
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