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A OOo QA Team Lead is responsible for the Quality of his Application.
This includes the mentoring and support of his Team Members, support and inform of the rest of topic interested Community, CWS-, Issue- and new Feature handling, and all Application or topic related concerns in view of Quality Assurance and Improvement. For further info please also have a look at the OOo QA Team page:

The OOo QA Team Leads are :
Christoph Lukasiak (Clu): Base (Database)
Helge Delfs (Hde): Automation (general testing with VCL TestTool)
Oliver Craemer (Oc): Spreadsheet (Calc, Chart)
Stefan Baltzer : Word processor (Writer, Math)
Thorsten Martens : Framework (Installation, Framework)
Wolfram Garten (Wg): Graphics (Impress, Drawing)
Christoph Neumann: API (API)
Jacqueline Rahemipour: Local./Docu. (Localisation/Documentation)

The complete responsiblity list of all QA Members can be found at the team pages : Automation, Base, Framework, Graphics, Spreadsheet, Word Processor Local./Docu.

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