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3.x Target

The 2.x target was introduced to have a target milestone for those kind of issues available, which are intended to be fixed quite soon. At the time of releasing 2.3 there are approx. 2500 issues open with this target. Not all of them will be fixed for 2.4 or 3.0 release so that some retarget to a new 3.x target will be necessary.

To get a better basis for an overview what will be fixed for 3.0 there will be a reviewed on per Project basis. Suggest criteria for moving target to 3.x will be:

  • The Developer has more than 10 open issues on target 2.x in all projects
  • P1 and P2 issues will not be moved
  • voted issues will not be moved
  • P4 and P5 issues will be moved to 3.x target
  • issues with keyword regression will not be moved
  • the remaining issues will be candidates for move to target 3.x

We will review the issues matching the specific criteria after each step so that identification of exceptions from these rules are possible.

The review and retargeting will be done on:

  • Sept 10th, 2pm German time: Writer, ui (800 issues)
  • Sept 11th, 1.30pm German time : Presentation, Drawing, Database (400 issues)
  • Sept 12th : Spreadsheet, Chart, gsl (400 issues)
  • Sept 13th : Framework, API, (300 issues)
  • Sept 14th : remaining projects (250 issues)

The retargeting sessions will be done on #oooreleases by the project and QA leads of the projects and the members of the release status meeting. The sessions will be open for everyone. Alternative dates for review is the week after OooCon.

In the second week of October will be a general review of 2.4, 3.0 and 2.x targets with the objective to move the remaining issues to 2.4 or 3.0 target or 3.x.

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