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Does anyone know how the new MS Visual studio 2005 releases affect the build process? It could be good to document.

Thanks, --Skoorb 15:07, 22 November 2005 (CET)

COM interface

Guys, please provide description of the COM interface for Windows or place here a link, where to get it.

Compiling OOO Core using Visual C++ 2008


I'm trying to compile OOO Core using Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. Thanks to this article, I've managed to configure the setup, but I'm not able to compile the source.

I am a windows programmer and dont know much about Linux/ Unix system, so please forgive me if my description is off the mark.

Going by the instructions on this page, I have installed required softwares and executed configuration script. Now as per my understanding, my next step should be compiling/ building OpenOffice, to which I have no clue. I did a search in openoffice source for project files (i.e. dsw,dsp files), did find a few but dont think they are for entire OO solution.

I will be really greatful if someone could tell me how to build say "Framework" project using Visual C++ 2008. I know I'm asking for a lot but this is what happens when boss all of sudden asks Windows programmer to crack a matured product in Linux.

I will be really greatful for any suggestions.



Would be nice that Delphi is also a point here. Don't forgett, that Delphi has a lot of developers around the world too, and Delphi developers are not the real frieds of M$, in general.

I try to find Delphi OO articles and source snippets, but found only one or two ...

best regards Gerhard

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