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I am assuming that the "website" topic includes these wiki pages also.

While the wiki pages are suited for writing a collaborative article on a given topic, they are NOT suitable as discussion threads:

1. They do not allow a visitor to quote someone else and then post his own argument.

2. Successive visitors are allowed to edit the previous writers' views. This is not good in a discussion.

3. The entire "discussion" page is not readable. You cannot easily make out who said what, against whose statement. You cannot even make out if the discussion is heading somewhere.

4. Instead of starting a new aspect on a new page, people are forced to put all subjects on one page.

5. The authors do not have WYSIWYG editor. This puts off a lot of ordinary people who otherwise could have contributed as NORMAL USERS.

Some forums I liked are:

1. PHPBB (version-3)

2. Advanced Electron Forum

--Raindrops 06:21, 16 February 2008 (CET)

The mailing list address is inconsistent to that on OOo website

I suppose it should be, like on this page ?

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