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That is a nice feature. Some additions:


  • The document might have got pictures, which are linked to external webpages. A message can tell, when they are not loadable at all because of missing internet connection or not loadable in a reasonable time.
  • Large documents (like ODF specification) need a long time until they are paginated. During this time you already see the document. But when you have clicked somewhere the view suddenly jumps. You can see the page numbers change in the left part of the status bar. A more prominent message, that the document is still in paginating mode would be nice.


  • Some situations in Calc are dangerous. For example, if you have hidden some rows and then select a range to do something with the selected cells, the hidden cells are affected too.
  • When converting from align formats, some functions in the align format might be slightly different from their version in OOo. A message can tell, that the import filter has detected such functions. The same holds for ODF format. There are several parts "implementation dependent" in the ODF spec. Here too a message on opening would be helpful, when OOo detects, that the document was not generated by an OOo version.
  • When Excel produces ODF files, it uses its own formula namespace. The user should be notified about this, when opening such file.

Regina 10:55, 29 November 2010 (UTC)

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