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Improvements suggested

There were several things I noticed could be improved, right off—although it's still a great extension (I've wanted tabs in OpenOffice for a long time; I love having them in text editors like SciTE and NoteTab Light):

  • Tabs could tell the file's name (instead of just window1, window2 and such)
  • Clicking (not rolling) the mouse wheel could close them, as with Firefox tabs; ctrl click could also do this (as in Firefox)
  • There could be some keyboard mechanism to switch between tabs (as with ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab in Firefox)
  • Closing the last tab could still leave OpenOffice open (right now it closes it—it even closes my quickstarter for OpenOffice).
  • Pertaining to the things I read about discussion regarding the extension, I recommend leaving tabs functional by default for Text documents, and making it so users have to turn them on in the preferences for the others (if only one document is open, and it is not a Text document). That way, people wouldn't complain (and they could still set the feature if they wanted it).
  • I would enjoy very much to have the tabs on the Left, just like Kate does. Here is an image: Kate screenshot, it is the most usefull thing invented lately. Alainm

Shnuzma 09:50, 10 April 2008 (CEST)

any further progress

i looked around and could not find any info on where this extension stood... this would be an excellent extension to have.... i notice that the page had not been updated since sept 2008.... is the extension dead..?

Is this still a possibility?

Tabbed Windows for Writer would be a great enhancement! I'm an user, not a developer . . . From a user's standpoint, I think it would be a terrific feature. Kurekd 06:11, 4 June 2010 (UTC)

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