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allow text scaling (draw:fit-to-size="true")

If an svg contains text, then that text is not scalable when imported into writer. This has also the unpleasant side effect that the image is incorrectly aligned in the page. A correctly aligned, scalable image is obtained by adding the tags

draw:auto-grow-width="false" draw:auto-grow-height="false" draw:fit-to-size="true"

to the text frame style.

Imported image looks jagged

I've created an image with Mathematica and exported it as yinyang.svg.

It displays fine with inkscape and konqueror.

After import into OOo, it looks jagged.

I've approximated circles with polygons. There are 4 polygons in the image, with thousands of edges. I created another version of the image with few edges. There one can see the polygons differing from circles, but import into OOo is OK.

I'll try to upload both images.

Problem installing svg-import package

Hello, I have a problem with the installation of v2185. When I try to activate the svg-import package I get the message "Could not create Java implementation loader". At Tools/options Java is the correct version 15006. What can I do to activate the package?


I am having the same problem ("Could not create Java implementation loader"). OOo 2.1, JRE 1.5.0_11.

--dean 23:13, 5 March 2007 (CET)

Does not work in OOO 2.1

Filter download link doesn't work anymore Fopper 11:21, 1 February 2006 (CET)

SVG don't work i OOo 2.1

The svg-filter is installed in my administration-pack (from OOO 2.0.4), but it does not work in the new OOo version 2.1.

I have tried to reinstall it, but it does still not work

Using OOo Danish [17. december 2006]

SVG Import Write 2.1 with r2185

I'm using 00o 2.1 and attempting to insert an SVG illustration that includes formated text into a Write document. I've successfully installed the latest svg-import-r2185 and have read your piece entitled "allow text scaling (draw:fit-to-size="true")" but I am unclear on a). if that will solve my problem, and/or b). where exactly to enter this (SVG file or in Write data file).

Here is what illustration should look like...


...and here is result after insertion into Write 2.1...


Also note how vector outlining gradient-filled sphere is visible after post, but not in actual SVG rendering.


After transforming svg to odt polygons are not closed

When I use the macro svg2office (or manually in OOo Draw) polygons are transformed in polygons with the last missing connection. For example: the SVG File looks like that


Then the ODG File looks like that


To get the whole octagon, I have to select to polygon end select in the context menu "Close Object".

With one Object this is no problem, but when you have big pictures with many polygons this turns out to be annoying

--Nd electro 16:29, 27 July 2007 (CEST)

I installed the latest version on an OOv3 with windows 7x64. Followed the instruction and checked the Java (1.6). I exported an image as svg from OODraw but could not be openned by itself, reports an error problem. External svg files open as text. I have tried several work arounds but the problem persist. Any suggestion? Thanks. JRubiano

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