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Wiki Restructuring

In order to reduce the number of orphaned pages on the wiki and make the wiki more usable, I urge every wiki-writer to move his pages to appropriate subpages. This will make the wiki more usable and more structured, easing the access to relevant informations for new users.

I therefore suggest moving this page to something like:

  • /DB/Sun Report Builder or
  • /Extensions/DB/Sun Report Builder

whichever fits better. The decision should probably be discussed with someone from the DB-team. (If the DB-project is scattered among many orphaned pages, than it would be wise to implement a similar hierarchy to the whole project.)

For other examples of hierarchical organisation, see the Calc and User Experience projects.

-- Discoleo 00:14, 21 February 2008 (CET)

Then I suggest: /Dokumentation/Database/Sun_Report_Builder

-- Mechtilde18:40 21. February 2008 (CET)

Report Bugs?

Is it possible to report here?

Links to function pages are illogical

There seems to be a slight problem with the links at the bottom of Section 9 (Functions). There are two, one of which says that it gives more details and code. Unfortunately, they point to the same page. If the second page has disappeared or been pointed to the first, I suggest that the link be removed.

And I've just found another link problem - the 2nd line of text of the whole page says

For more technical info, please read: Sun Report Builder

And that link directs you back to the same page! If there is more technical info about SRB, maybe the link could be modified to point to it.

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