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Dell Idea Storm links

Dell Idea Storm links for voting seems broken. The right one my be the following?

Repaired links. The above link goes directly to the article in question, but the new link on the page goes to the sorted list of software suggestions. As of 2009-11-05, the third article from the top (a different one) mentions installing OO.o. Dell status reply indicates "No plans at this time." --TJ 19:07, 5 November 2009 (UTC)

I have my own website; it is unrelated to opensource software, but it contains a number of pdf articles that were written in open office and which demonstrate the capabilities of the word processor. Could I display a display an OpenOffice logo, and explanatory note (+ link) to to express my gratitude and support to the OpenOffice project and those who have worked on it?

Could blogger's and people who don't have open-office pdf's on their site also display a logo and note to express their support and raise awareness of OpenOffice? Is there a line or two of HTML code that people could put on their sites to achieve this?

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