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Accepting links from business solutions for managing in enterprise?

Recently I found that some people are trying to add links to Wikipedia for advertising their business soluton based on, such as Open Office Technology. Do you think we should accept such link submission in this (User Resource) page? Or shall we put it somewhere else in the Wiki? Please comment on this issue. -- Zero0w 17:30, 11 March 2006 (CET)

Ok, I have found another new product for managing in groupware and enterprise environment which is again still in beta - So guys, what do you think? Should we accept posting information on commercial products for managing in enterprise? Your opinion is needed. --Zero0w 18:17, 29 March 2006 (CEST)

Hi Zero0w, I'm open to the collection of any OOo help links just as a matter of decent support service to the OOo user. Some folks would rather pay for help than to think too much about how stuff works, so I believe a list of OOo related services will provide some benefits.

Some in the OOo community may disagree with this stance, much because they would like folks to give something back to the community for the free advertising on OOo site pages, digital storage space which does cost someone money to maintain, even though we can freely post to it. So.... sometimes attempts to support a wider range of OOo related information and services becomes more complicated in the big picture, than the offering of free links by folks who do give back material matter to the project. I guess in my own work, I've taken the path of least resistance in most places, so I stick with the freebie stuff, because there is so much of it.

Note that there is a link for OOo related services at the BizDev project on

Perhaps a read through the archives there will provide a sense of how the community thinks about collecting and posting commercial links on the OOo web pages.

Thank you for all of your fine work on the OOo Help Outline! Good luck in your future work. I wish you all the best. May all the decisions you make work out super well. :) --Mackmoon, 17:07 8 April 2006 (UTC)

Thank you for you comment and great explanation, Mackmoon. After contemplating for a while, I decided to create a new page for business OOo solution or products. The major concern is that when there are more and more OOo-dependent business support companies or solutions being made (which I believe will be so, as OOo is getting more and more mature), the growing link list for these solutions could overflow the whole page, and hence should be placed in a different page in order not to distract users looking for general OOo Help information. I will get around to create this new page once I have finished more of my study. --Zero0w 15:52, 16 April 2006 (CEST)

Thanks for creating this page and this site


I just wanted to thank you folks for creating this site. It's really good. I have linked to it from the Digital Tipping Point links page. Digital Tipping Point books page 2005/12/20 Christian Einfeldt

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