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Suggestions for March Call (atjensen)

Add question to item

  • Strategic Marketing Plan
    • Should there be separate plans for different regions?

New Items

  • ALA 2010 show
    • Will bring everyone up to speed on what is new in phone (~a few minutes most), update to wiki prior to meeting.

Questions I have for the group

  • What is the proper relationship of the Marketing group to the BizDev project?
    • The BizDev has a non public mailing list, is that list as inactive as the public list?
  • Is there a functional equivalent to the BizDev group in other language areas?
    • What is the relationship of Deutschland E.V. to the ISVs in Germany (or the EU)?
      • For example: this appears to be a business oriented event, OO.o d.e.v is listed as a sponser?
      • Would a similar organization be possible in other regions?
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