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I've got a list of deployments on my website, which I'll happily add to this page as I have the time. Anyone who would like to datamine my page for info, feel free. It's here:

I set up the headers because it seems a logical way to organize the deployments. "Private Sector" should include both for-profit and non-profit organizations that aren't connected to a government entity. Does this sound logical to everyone?

NOTE: Please sign your talks

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Thanks in advance. This was intended so that we can collaborate better. Thanks for all you are doing in the wiki. These pages are great and usefull indeed. Cdriga 22:44, 14 February 2006 (CET)

guidelines for entries

I would be more impressed, if entries have the number of seats and a mandatory link. Just a question mark behind a text string doesn't look like a good reference to me.

> To add to it, include a URL or reference information > of the deployment.

We might want to move the entries not following these guidelines to a separate section or remove them.

--stx12 16:49, 22 February 2006 (CET)

Could this be reformatted into a table so that it is easier to look through? --RealGrouchy 04:18, 28 February 2006 (CET)

# MIP Holdings New Zealand.

MIP Holdings is located in South Africa, not New Zealand

Andyroz 03:18, 30 March 2006 (CEST)Andrew

Remove City of Bergen from list

Dont't know where to put this information: But the City of Bergen as an user of OpenOffice should be removed. They have recently gone over to MS Office for schools, for example. Of course that does not change the fact that they are obliged to provide all documents of necessity in the ODF format by 2009. This is due to governmental instructions. They do not know at the moment how this will be done. Sleipner 20:55, 26 March 2008 (CET)

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