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DrewJensen 01:05, 13 September 2006 (CEST)


I ariginaly added this to the main page - moved it here however because it seemed to make more sense and I am learning about wiki's slowly but surely...9/17/06

The edtitor should IMO offer the option to make the settings only available for this table, leaving the default settings for the datasource unchanged or making them defaults for the datasource.

As to the editor's default settings I would think per data source would make the most sense. HSQLDB databases already support this model with it's textdb.* global settings feature. If support is added to read these settings, per the section " Current Text Table Settings ", then the linked table editor simply needs to read them on start up.

Should supporting easy access to the textdb.* global settings prove to be not worth the effort, then perhaps using a configuration registry may be apporpriate. Either way I believe the effort would be well worth it.

Support for a "full-blown administration" feature, might be worthwhile in the long term depending on the amount of use that this feature would be put to - but I would not think it worth the effort at this moment if it would push back the implementation of the feature oveall.

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