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User Experience is a very important issue regarding some extensions. I give an example concerning the presenter screen extension. In my opinion, it is crucial that this extension is bundled with the default install set of for these reasons:

In most cases as speaker or presenter, you do not bring your own laptop to the venue. Usually, you either send the presentation via email beforehand or you bring your presentation on a flash disk.

It is already hard time to ensure that OpenOffice 3.0 will be installed on the conference/meeting computers. However, it is usually possible that the organisation teams install it. The usual reaction to my question, whether also the "Presenter Screen extension" is installed or whether it is possible to install it, is the following one: "Please send your presentation as Powerpoint file".

In other cases, one told me that the extension is installed on all conference computers, but this was not the case and I had to print out my notes in very last minute. Very annoying!

Therefore, please consider the "presenter screen" to be bundled in the default installation: Please see Issue 90415

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