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Are these shortcut keys correct? My version of OOWriter functions a little bit differently:

1) when a object is mark and not in "edit point mode", I can move it around with the arrow keys without "alt". When using the "alt" key + arrow keys the object moves only one pixel at a time.

2) when the object has been put into "edit point mode" with the help of "Ctrl+Tab" the arrow keys change the size of the object depending on the corner / edge that is selected. The "alt" key + arrow keys now change the size only in pixel steps.

3) The "esc" key allows me to leave the "edit point mode".

In other words I can only edit the size when "edit point mode" is one. Otherwise I am always moving the object.

Must the documentation be edited or am I doing something wrong or don't understand something. I've been testing this under Win XP and OO 3.0.1 (Build 9379).

Nick Deinhardt

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