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The information on this page is incorrect. It states:

"You can set the default font and its size in Tools > Options > Writer > Basic Fonts (Western)"

However, if you do that, the actual result is that the "default" font is changed only for the current editing session of the current document. If you close the document and reopen it, default font is right back to "Times New Roman 10pt regular".

To demonstrate invalidity of info on this page:

1. Make a new text ("*.txt", regular or encoded text) document. 2. Write some text in the document. The font will be 10pt Times New Roman. 3. Go to Tools/Options/Writer/Basic Fonts and change all the fonts to

  "Lucida Console 11pt regular".

4. Save document. 5. close document. 6. Reopen document. Note that font is still "Times New Roman 10pt regular". 7. Change "Preformatted text" style from "Times New Roman 10pt regular" to

  "Lucida Console 11pt regular".  Text in document becomes Lucida Console.

8. Save document. 9. Close document. 10. Reopen document. Note that text is back to "Times New Roman 10pt regular",

   and the "Preformatted Text" style is also back to "Times New Roman 10pt regular".

So obviously, something else is required to change the default font. The procedure given on this page just isn't doing it.

Addendum, an hour later: I determined that for text files, the default font is NOT the "Default Font", it's determined instead by the "Preformatted Text" style. But since styles are not saved-to-disk in text files, that info gets dumped every time you close/reopen. So I figured that to change the font for text files, you have to make a new file, change the "Preformated Text" stlye's font to what you want, save as a template, go into Template Manager, and set the template you saved as "Default Template", and THEN your text files will present in the font of your choice, instead of always reverting to "Times New Roman 10pt regular".

HOWEVER, that method didn't work either. On close-and-reopen, all text files STILL always revert to "Times New Roman 10pt regular".

-- Robbie Hatley 11/3/2013

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