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Page Structure

I see a number of issues on this page, but perhaps it is because of my perspective as someone new to AOO. I'm hesitant to do this, because seems happy with it - and has been since 2009 or so. Therefore, instead of inserting the changes I've prepared, I'll list a small subset of the issues i see, and watch for incoming missiles. Shields up.
  • There is confusion about Procedures, subs and functions. To microsoft, and I think to many, a "sub" and a "function" are both procedures. As it is, "procedure" becomes unavailable to denote anything but a sub.
  • Syntax for Sub and Function definitions is presented as though it were definitive: "Its syntax IS" followed by a very incomplete statement of the syntax. I will guess this is to avoid confusing the reader with a great long string of abstract possibilities. In my view the syntax definition is a reference. It is expected to be complete, not simple. Clarification is better done with judicious examples.
  • Post 2000, VBA supports functions returning arrays (at least according to I don't think it is clear from this page that AOO does not support this feature; Unless I messed up (a distinct possibility), "function yada(arg as long) as double()" creates a syntax error at the last two parentheses. Why not note that it can be done with a Variant?
  • For that matter, Variant might have its own entry under "working with variables". Variants are odd beasts, deserving some explanation.

Elsewhere, I see a stated goal of providing migration information for users coming from MS. Changes such as these might serve that purpose, and aid folks unfamiliar with VBA as well.Pawn (talk) 01:41, 25 May 2013 (UTC)

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