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Taking into account Category Managers

There is at this stage no way for a Category Manager to be eligible. There at this moment two Category Managers positions: the Category Manager(s) of the Native-Language Confederation and the one(s) from the Incubator category.

Inside, a category is defined as a coherent entity grouping several projects.

The proposal seems to deal with the Incubator category by positioning the category as one project. But it does not deal with the actual eligibility of its manager.

The NLC enjoys two representatives at the Community Council; this number should perhaps be raised (see below). Also, the eligibility of the NLC leads (the Native-Language Category leads) is not taken into account.

Proposed amendments:

  • Extending the number of NLC Representatives to 3 or 5 with one of the Category Leads being a de jure member
  • Extending the number of product development representatives to 11. Any category lead could be eligible inside that section

More NLC Representatives?

If one looks at the sheer numbers inside the CC, it is clear that the Native-Language projects as such (and beyond that the entire localization aspect of our work) is not being represented enough. It basically goes on a basis of ten to two.

I suggest we extend the number of NLC representatives, as it is pretty clear that the NLC matters a lot inside the OOo project. As a consequence, raising the number of its representatives might be a good option while extending the representativity of the CC, which is the primary purpose of this charter proposal.

Pedantic definition

Meritocracy: The principle observed in many Open Source projects, which states, "The one who does the work calls the shots."

A meritocracy is where the best qualified person calls the shots. This is different from a do-ocracy, where individuals choose tasks for themselves and do them. Responsibilities attach to people who do the work, rather than elected or selected officials.

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