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Hi editor! I am using kubuntu6.06 (updated) OpenOffice 2.02 thunderbird (with enigmail) firefox No mozilla (Suite) is in use

I bitterly try to explain OO to use my signature. So I tried what you explained, and I simply copied the advertised BASIC-Macro into the Macro-Editor. But it ?throws? an error:

Following Error results at the point sProfile = oMozBootstrap.getDefaultProfile(TypeID) -> ObjectVariable not set

I don't know what that means but:

I tried very hard to explain OO my thunderbird-Path (export MOZILLA_CERTIFICATE_FOLDER=/home/<user>/.mozilla-thunderbird/<a number>.default But OO simply does not care!

I can't get any signature... 'in View'?!

Where is my mistake?

Sorry bothering you this way, but maybe you just see the misstake

Greetings Reto

I tried the same, I guess that OO-Instances in UBUNTU dont provide these Objects. refer to UBUNTU Launchpad, which suggests installing 2.0.4 from edgy. --Kkappel 15:43, 31 October 2006 (CET)

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