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Unfortunately probably our best way of reaching OOo users, the OOo mail redirect, has been taken away (Although the value of that list could be debatable) so we have to come up with different methods. We have basically two demographics that we have simple access to: New Users and Experienced Users.

New User contact:

  1. At Download, from a redirect from the download site
  2. At install: a link to a survey to do while AOO is installing
  3. Immediately Post install

Experienced user contact:

  1. As for the New User
  2. Via the announce list
  3. from the Home Page (Add in another link "I am willing to help with AOO User Research")
  4. At upgrade as part of the process

This in addition to posting on all lists obviously

It should go without saying that the user should be able to opt-out at any point

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