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Ricardo says:

Good ideas, indeed! Just a small point about the proposal: you are separating direct formatting (Content properties) from styles (Style list) which is a good idea, but we must keep in mind that there is no "direct formatting" for pages on Writer: the menu you get when you go to Format → Page does *not* do direct formatting, it just edit the current page style.

IMO, the options are:

- to not include page information on the content properties docker

- to just show a static info panel giving the option to edit the corresponding page style or to apply one of the styles from a list.

Maybe (thinking aloud in real time) instead of a "page" section it would be more interesting to show a "breaks" section, where you can insert and manage page breaks with change of page styles and reset of page numbering... or maybe put all this on its own panel. The possibility to edit the page style should be limited to the style list panel.

Regards Ricardo

There exists some formatting problems, which are not solved with the Task Pane, as I see it in Symphony, and where I think, AOO should do it better.

  1. Is the visible design of the text made by hard formatting or is it set in a character style?
  2. How to remove a special hard formatting?
  3. Where is the language of a word set: in the paragraph style, in the character style, as hard formatting?
  4. Is the value, which can be seen in the style dialog, set in the actual style or is it inherit from the parent style?
  5. How to remove a single property in the style so that the inherit value is used?
  6. What kind of numbering has the paragraph: central outline numbering, outline numbering from paragraph style, individual anonymous list numbering, individual numbering from list style, numbering from paragraph style?
  7. There exist no contextual panes for tables or sections, but only for pictures and drawings.
  8. There is no Task Pane for Draw in Symphony, because Symphony has no Draw module, but the Impress Task Pane does not fit to Draw.

Regina 14:33, 5 December 2012 (UTC)

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