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This documentation is a DRAFT which purpose is to
help alpha and beta testers understanding
the current implementation of the TCM@QUASTE project.
Current release: Alpha.


To understand how the TCS Tool works, you may want to get familiar with it by reading the QUASTe TCS tutorial. This should provide background information for better understanding the integration of the TCS Tool @ QUASTe.

Before starting testing, please make sure you log into TCS with the OOo login.

Create and Edit a localized Test Case Specification

Case: We decide to localize and adapt an existing TCS (English (USA)) into German.

Choose the TCS to be localised

  • On QUASTe, choose "List test case specifications".
1 TCM Alpha Overview.jpg

Fig 1: The TCS Query

  • Query for the TCS you want to localize (Fig. 1).
  • Click on it's Name (1) to get the preview (Fig. 2) of the whole TCS
    or edit the TCS directly (2).

2 TCM Alpha Preview.jpg

Fig 2: The TCS Preview

3 TCM Alpha PopertLang.jpg

Fig 3: The TCS Properties

  • Notice in the TCS Properties (Fig. 3) that the default language is English (USA) (3)

4 TCM Alpha TC Overview.jpg

Fig 4: The TCs Overview
  • Click on the [Test Cases] tab page to get an overview of the existing TCs (Fig. 4).

5 TCM Alpha TC Edit EN.jpg

Fig 5: A Test Case in Edit mode

  • On Fig. 5 we have a look at the content of a test case in English.
  • Now, back to the [Properties] tab page...

Clone the original TCS

6 TCM Alpha PopertCreateLocalTC.jpg

Fig 6: Here to clone the original test case

  • At the bottom of the [Properties] tab page click on the [Create locali[z]ed TCS] (Fig. 6).

7 TCM Alpha PopertChooseLang.jpg

Fig 7: The language list

  • The language list (Fig 7) shows the languages in which the current TCS has not be localized yet.
  • Choose your language and click [Create localized TCS] (5)

8 TCM Alpha PopertDeLang.jpg

Fig 8: A cloned TCS

  • The TCS is cloned and shows now the current localization language (6)
  • The TCS properties now shows other available language versions (7),
    in this case, the language of the original TCS.
  • Now click on the [Test Cases] tab page...
9 TCM Alpha TCDeOverview.jpg

Fig 9: The TCs Overview of the cloned TCs

  • The TCs of the original TCS have been cloned (Fig. 9).
  • Note that the TCs have by the status "not finished" (8)
    which shows that no localization work has been done yet.
    As a consequence, those TCs don't appear in the TCS Preview as long as they are not flagged as "Finished".
  • We need now to edit the cloned TCs...
10 TCM Alpha TC Edit DE.jpg

Fig 10: The TCs Overview of the cloned TCs

  • We can now translate the content of the TCs and adapt them to the language we are working on (Fig. 9).
11 TCM Alpha Preview DE.jpg

Fig 10: Localized TCS Preview

  • After the TCs have been localized and adapted, they appear in the TCS preview.
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