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The numbering and bullets enhanced features in Symphony 3.0.1

The numbering and bullets setting dialog

Re-design the layout of the numbering and bullets dialog

  • The “Outline” tab page in previous Symphony version now is renamed as “multilevel” tab page which may have conflict with another “Outline” concept in menu->layout->Outline numbering
  • Some frequently used options are moved from advanced setting tab page to the basic setting dialog. The advanced setting tab page will not be displayed in the basic dialog. They can be launched from “customize...” button in the basic tab page
  • Bullets tab page and graphics tab page are now put into one tab page and just called “Bullets”.

Symphony numbering dialog1.gif

Focus is context sensitive when open the dialog

If the cursor is in a paragraph with bullet or numbering, when launch bullets and numbering dialog, the focus will be on the bullet or numbering item applied. Bullets and numbering items on sidebar will also have context sensitive focus.

Symphony numbering dialog2.gif

Customization mark

After one item is customized, a water mark will be set to indicate this. And the sidebar bullets and numbering items will also be the same as customized items.

Symphony numbering dialog2.gif

Restart and continue numbering in writer

  • Any paragraph can do continue action if there is a numbering before it

Symphony numbering continue1.jpg

  • Continue to a same style first

Symphony numbering continue2.jpg

Autonumber in writer

  • Could follow next paragraph's numbering

Symphony numbering autonumber1.jpg

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