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Let us describe a "well-formed" SwNodes array of a Writer document in Backus-Naur form.

There are the following node types used as "terminal" symbols:

StartNd = SwNormalStartNode
EndNd = SwEndNode
TextNd = SwTxtNode
GraphicNd = SwGrfNode
TableNd = SwTableNode
SectionNd = SwSectionNode
CellNd = SwTableBoxStartNode
FlyNd = SwFlyStartNode
FootnoteNd = SwFootnoteStartNode
HeaderNd = SwHeaderStartNode
FooterNd = SwFooterStartNode

And now we get:

<Document> ::= <Empty> <Footnote content> <Special content> <Change tracking> <Body content>
<Empty> ::= StartNd EndNd
<Body content> ::= StartNd <Content> EndNd
<Content> ::= TextNd | <'Table> | 
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