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In this topic goes everything related to configuring the server for surveying.

Basic server setup

  • Apache
  • PHP 4.4 or higher
  • Database: mysql

First setup steps

  • Establish the location of the htdocs directory for surveys. Also create a non_public folder.
  • Configure mysql for usage: setup mysql root access and password. Create mysql user for applications. Restrict access to _localhost_.
  • Identify and setup a CMS for the website
  • Setup survey program

Things to discuss further:

  • Shall we use CVS for placing everything under the _htdocs_ folder ?

CristianDriga - 13 Sep 2005

Today's journal - server config (Sep 14th)

  • Apache - enabled PHP scripting
  • httpd.conf - added index.php to Directory Index directive
  • created new Apache htdocs directory: /ooodata/surveys/public_html
  • httpd.conf - changed Document Root to point to the new folder
  • mysql - re-initialized the mysql server after yesterday's initial tests.


  • make mysql start at boot time; set mysql root password; create mysql users for applications.

-- CristianDriga - 14 Sep 2005

12-10-2005 Made MySQL start/stop on boot

1. Edited startup file: S50mysql.server

  • Changed basedir and default variables to point to the current mysql files and data
  • basedir=[/folder/here/] -> folder where mysql /bin and /sbin subfoders are located
  • datadir= -> to point to the current data directory
  • bindir= -> actually pointed it to mysql's /sbin directory as there is the startup program located
  • bindir="$basedir/sbin"

2. created my.cnf file in /etc containing:

basedir=[/folder/here/]  -> folder where mysql /bin and /sbin subfoders are located

3. copied S50mysql.server file to /etc/init.d

4. copy my_print_defaults to /bin

  • cp /usr/sfw/bin/my_print_defaults /bin

5. Symlink S50mysql.server file to startup and shutdown services folders:

  • ln /etc/init.d/S50mysql.server /etc/rc3.d/S99mysql
  • ln /etc/init.d/S50mysql.server /etc/rc0.d/K01mysql

-- CristianDriga - 18 Oct 2005

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