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& Bullets/Colors/Shortcuts

Specification Status
Author Christoph Lukasiak (Clu)
Last Change 7. July 2010
Status (Help) Preliminary


"Better Defaults", as this effort is called for short, aims to collect suggestions for better default settings in OOo. Impress was first (in accordance with the present focus of project Renaissance) . This is a subproject of Project Renaissance and 'Gridhandling' is the first outcome of it.


Reference Document Check Location (URL)
Prerequisites [passed/failed] n/a
Product Requirement, RFE, Issue ID (required) available gh:i111998,i112000,i112001,i112002,i112004,i112005,i112006,i112008,i113957[1]

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Accessibility Check (required)
See accessibility section for check list
Test case specification (required) [available/not available] <PLEASE ENTER LOCATION HERE>
IDL Specification [available/not available] <PLEASE ENTER LOCATION HERE>
Software Specification Rules n/a n/a
Better Defaults: Gridhandling Suggestion list available Gridhandling Workout
Better Defaults: OOo Suggestion list available Improving OOo Default Settings
Project Renaissance available Thinning out


Role Name E-Mail Address
Developer Christian Lippka Christian.Lippka@sun.com
Quality Assurance Wolfram Garten Wolfram.Garten@sun.com
Documentation Uwe Fischer Uwe.Fischer@sun.com
User Experience Christoph Lukasiak Christoph.Lukasiak@sun.com
Renaissance i-Team
Renaissance i-Team

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronym / Abbreviation Definition
<WYSIWYG> <What You See Is What You Get>

Detailed Specification

Snap to Guides: 'off' by default => should be 'on' by default
Snap to Object Border: 'off' by default => should be 'on' by default
Large Handles: 'off' by default => should be 'on' by default

Copy when moving: 'off' by default => should be 'on' by default (tools/option/general)

Snap to Grid shortcut: change shortcut from 'ctrl' to 'alt' key

  • also fit ctrl to 'copy when moving'

Rotation Mode: 'off' by default => should be 'on' by default

  • Change rotate button (drawing toolbar) in rotate mode button (on/off)
  • By clicking another object switch back to selection mode again
  • Fit rotation point to every selected object

More fine Grid:

Impress (1inch/9points & 2cm/9point) or after change wording (9points = 10spaces)

  • Draw (0,5inch/9points & 1cm/9points)

Spacing vs. Points: grid subdevision (tools/option/impress/grid) changes from point to space

  • wording changes from: 'point(s)' to 'space(s)'
  • algorithm changed in: space = point +1; starting from 1 (0 not allowed)

Full Width for text in shapes: (menue/format/text/full width) should be 'on' by default


Accessibility is the responsibility of the I-Team, beginning with UX, DEV and QA, to ensure that the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. Is the feature fully keyboard accessible?
    (Ex: "I can go everywhere and use every function using the keyboard only"

  2. Have I specified visual alternatives for the case that the specified feature includes audio as output?
  3. Are text alternatives for all icons and graphics available?
    <Start typing here>
  4. Don't provide important information in colors alone
    (Ex: marking important information hard coded in red)

  5. Does the specified feature respect system settings for font, size, and color for all windows and user interface elements?
  6. Have I ensured that flash rates do not exceed 2 hertz for blinking text, objects, or other elements? In any case, try to avoid flashing UI elements
  7. Ensure that assistive technology (AT) (like ZoomText or Orca) is able to read everything.


If you need help while designing, implementing or testing the accessibility of the UI, ask/visit:

  1. The accessibility check list at the OpenOffice.org Wiki
  2. accessibility@ui.openoffice.org (The accessibility mailing lists, preferred)
  3. For specific implementation details, architecture: mt@openoffice.org (Malte Timmermann)
  4. For specific UX and testing questions: es@openoffice.org (Éric Savary)


The Gridhandling default changes belongs to Impress and Draw application.


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Open Issues

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