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Documentation/FAQ/Calc/ChartsDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I compute or plot trend lines?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I create a chart in a spreadsheet that is automatically updated when the data is changed?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Charts/How do I extend the range of data shown in my chart after I add new data to my spreadsheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/ErrorsDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/How to get proper Calc Help files for 2.0.1 for Windows?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/I see three hash signs in a cell that formerly held data. How can I see my data again?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/What do each of the error codes (Err NNN) in spreadsheets mean?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why do I see the formula text and not the result of the formula?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Errors/Why does deleting filtered rows remove other rows too?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/FilesDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/A large Calc spreadsheet was converted from another application. Some of my rows are missing! What happened?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I insert external data into an existing Calc spreadsheet file?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I open a tab-delimited file in Spreadsheet? What if I have a different type of delimiter?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/How do I output my spreadsheet data as an ASCII, delimited text file?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/Is it possible to open a Microsoft Excel file that is protected by a password in Calc?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/My formula from an Excel worksheet doesn't work!Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Files/Why does Calc refuse to open my .txt file?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/FormattingDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Can I center my text so that the text will flow both to the left and right if the cells are empty?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are notes within cells displayed?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How are thick lines or borders created around my cells?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I create a drop-down list that references a list of values to select from?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I create my own sort lists?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I use a dot (.) as decimal sign instead of a comma?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can I use conditional formatting?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How can links to other workbooks, including vlookups, update dynamically?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I add additional strings or characters to cell contents?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I disable the capitalized letter at the beginning of cells in Calc?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I format cells in Calc so that the rows number automatically?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I insert a page number in the form of 'Page 1 of N' on each page of a spreadsheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I insert superscript or subscript text in my spreadsheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I make a wide title cell extend across several columns in my spreadsheet?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I rotate a column title so that it fits above my very narrow column?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I use styles and formatting?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/How do I wrap text within a cell in my spreadsheet?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/I have a custom number format that I use, but Calc forgets it.Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Is there a way to add times that total greater than 24 hrs?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Some of the rows or columns in my spreadsheet are hidden. How do I see all rows or columns?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Formatting/Why are my notes not showing for cells?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/MiscellaneousDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How I change the order of sheets in my spreadsheet?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I create a spreadsheet that is right-to-left oriented?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I delete cell contents immediately with the backspace key like in Excel?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I extend the Calc functions by some extensions?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I rename a sheet?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I see the row and column captions as I scroll through a sheet that is larger than my display?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I start Calc instead of Writer?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How can I use cells from different Calc files?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I add up cells, depending on some conditions?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I protect cells in my spreadsheet?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I use arrays in Calc?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How do I use regular expressions in Calc?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How is a variable date inserted into a spreadsheet cell?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/How to make a checkbox change according to data in another cell?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/I want to select two cells that are not adjacent, but holding down the CTRL key does not seem to work. How can I perform this action?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/What's the maximum number of rows and cells for a spreadsheet file?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/What is the fastest way to copy a calculation to all rows?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/Where can I find more documentation for Calc?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Miscellaneous/Where do I find more detailed descriptions of Calc functions?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/PrintingDocumentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How I do select a row (or rows) in my spreadsheet to repeat on every page when printed?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How can I print some, but not all, of the cells on a sheet?
Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How do I get Sheet1 to print as portrait and Sheet2 to print as landscape?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/How do I print my spreadsheets?Documentation/FAQ/Calc/Printing/Why does Calc print out all the sheets in the file?
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