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See [1] for general information about the Apache OpenOffice source code.


The Apache OpenOffice source code that is currently under development is called trunk.

You can check out the trunk via SVN

   svn co aoo

or git

   git svn clone aoo


Besides trunk there is a number of branches for development of features that may or may not be integrated into the next release:

URL is<branch name>

When creating new branches please do currently not use a deeper structure (e.g. alg directory containing all branches the user alg works on). This may be nice for organizational purposes, but currently it is not clear how this works with the Git mirror we now have and how it will be converted/handled in the future.

branch name short description documentation
gbuild Integration of a set of older child work spaces:
  • ause131
  • ause130
  • writerfilter10
  • gnumake4
  • sd2gbuild
AOO400 The 4.0.x branch, would be used if we ever need a 4.0.x
alg/aw080 Long running overhaul of the drawing layer.
alg/sysdepgs System-dependent primitive renderers for AOO
alg_writerframes (reintegrated to trunk in r1579280) Support of full DrawObject FillAttributeSet for Writer Frames more
l10n40 Branch to test new l10n tools (incl. makefile changes), will be merged back before next release
rejuvenate01 Refresh the platform support (e.g. for Clang, compatibility with C++11, System STL, XCode 4, OSX 64bit, OSX 10.9)


Each tag marks an important SVN revision. Otherwise tags are similar to branches.

URL is<tag name>

tag name description
AOO340 Release of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0
AOO341 Release of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1
AOO400 Release of Apache OpenOffice 4.0.0
AOO401 Release of Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1
SNAPSHOT The latest snapshot. Changing.
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