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O-S recommendations

Description Status Remarks should capitalise on its position as the only fully-functioned, integrated open-source office productivity suite in the Linux market. #1 Office Productivity on Linux done ?
The Community should build a centre of expertise in native-language deployment, creating a ‘best practice’ process which can be deployed for new languages. number of languages are increasing, the l10n process still have some gaps In progress
The Project should plan promotional activities specifically targeted at users worried about being caught with ‘pirate’ copies of MS-Office. The message should stress the similarity of look and feel, ability to read MS-Office file formats, additional benefits over MS-Office (e.g. tighter integration), and the guaranteed open-source licence. open
The Project is ideally placed to target ‘current non-consumers’ - a classic market for adopting a disruptive technology. open

O-W recommendations

Description Status Remarks
The Community should improve the packaging of to make it easier for MS-Windows users to migrate to than to upgrade to MS-Office XP.
The Community should continue to address reported bugs in MS-Office compatibility. In progress
The Community should address the issue of support for MS-Office macro / Basic. In progress
The Project needs to communicate that is for MS-Windows users too. Is this still an issue ? needs to develop an OEM pre-installation kit for PC suppliers.
The Community should work with the open-source community to develop clip-art, templates, etc. some progress for templates and extensions, need better integration into product should we fund a project for this ?
The Community should produce ‘native’ Linux versions (rpms, debs, etc). Done
The Community should produce ‘native’ Mac OS X versions reducing reliance on the X11 interface. Done
The Community should produce a ‘Java free’ version to reduce demands on the desktop and give greater acceptability to Linux distributions (until Java is open-sourced[40]). solved
The Community should prioritise size reduction / performance enhancements (or possibly an ‘OOoLite’) for low specification PCs.  ?
The Community could produce OOoLite with optional enhancements/plugins to be added by the user.  ?

T-S recommendations

Description Status Remarks
The Community should put significant effort into understanding Sun’s goals for StarOffice and, and selling the benefits to Sun of their continuing support of the Community.  ?
The Community should supply community-developed translations etc for StarOffice.
The Community should produce significant collateral to demonstrate and aid ease of migration for MS-Office users.
The Community should respond to Microsoft ‘bargain basement’ variants of MS-Office by stressing the full-function/open-source attributes of

T-W recommendations

Description Status Remarks
The Community should seek to strengthen its governance and management so it is capable of becoming self-sufficient. In progress
The Community should work to build understanding of the codebase in the open-source development community.
The Project needs to maintain clear documentation on the StarOffice vs questions.
The Community needs to address users' needs for email, web browsing, etc. functionality
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