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By Frank Loehmann, User Experience Engineer at Sun Microsystems

User Interaction with Smart Tags

The term "Smart Tags" is used synonymously for many different things. RFID-Tags/Labels (i.e. to label goods in stores) are often called "Smart Tags" too. In software products the term Smart Tag is used for content and action driven Smart Tags. OOo has already implemented the content driven Smart Tags with OOo 2.2 and will offer a final API and UI with OOo 2.3. Action driven Smart Tags are planned for the future, so we have to consider those when designing the UI for content driven sart tags.

In the following I will create a list of related functions and UI of OOo.

Related Areas

  • AutoCorrection
  • Online spelling (spell while you type)
  • content driven smart tags
  • action driven smart tags
  • help agent (the icon in the lower right corner of the application)

All these are content or action driven Smart Tags.


Please find details about the specification in the following specification [1].

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