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In documents, you can set layout options to make the content view more efficient and convenient.

To set view options, perform the following steps:
  1. Click View > Zoom. The Zoom & View Layout window is displayed.
    D view zoom.jpg
  2. Select one from the following options to specify the Zoom factor setting.
    Resizes the display to fit the width of the text in the document.
    Fit width and height
    Displays the entire page on your screen.
    Fit width
    Displays the complete width of the document page. The top and bottom edges of the page might not be visible.
    Displays the document at its actual size.
    Allows you to enter a specific zoom percentage for the document.
  3. Select one from the following options to specify the View layout setting.
    Displays pages side by side, as many as the zoom factor allows. This is dependent on the size of your monitor.
    Single page
    Allows display pages one beneath another, never side by side.
    Displays the pages in the number of columns that you enter. You must adjust the Zoom percentage as well, to see the pages side by side without the need to scroll. For most monitors, the practical maximum number of columns to display is 2 or 3.
    Book mode
    Displays the pages side by side, like an open book. The first page is displayed by itself.
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