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When your paragraph does not have bullets or numbering, you can set paragraph indentations by paragraph properties. When you use numbering or bullets in the paragraph, the paragraph indentation is affected by both paragraph properties and numbering properties.

It is suggested that you never mix paragraph indents with numbering indents. If you create numbered paragraphs, you can use a paragraph style without indents and allow the numbering style to control the indents. But if you need to set both paragraph and numbering indents, here are the steps to follow:
  1. Select the paragraphs that you want to set indentation.
  2. Click Format > Paragraph .
  3. Click the Indents & Spacing tab.
  4. Specify the indent settings in the Before text, After text, and First line fields and then click OK.
  5. Optional: When your paragraph has numbering or bullets, the paragraph indentation is also affected by numbering followed space. To set the numbering followed space,
    1. Select the paragraph.
    2. Click Format > Bullets and Numbering.
    3. Click the Position tab, and specify the indent settings in the Numbering followed by field.
      D position numbering bullets.jpg
    4. Click OK.
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