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  • Full name: Stefan Zimmermann 肖拓
  • Positions: Business Process Analyst, Six Sigma Certified Black Belt (六个西格玛认证黑带)
  • Level: Senior Staff Engineer, SVP's Staff of OOGBU
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Worked for: Star-/OpenOffice unit (since Feb.1998)

History@Sun (13+ yrs)

  • Six Sigma Black Belt (2003-)
    • (certified in June 2007)
    • strategic consultant for business owner (General Manager & Vice President)
    • consultant for global business partners in China & Russia
    • evangelize, menthoring and coaching of Six Sigma / Lean methodology/philosophy
    • identify and charter business relevant improvement opportunities
    • setup, driving and menthoring Sigma- and other business relevant projects
    • training and training coordination.
  • Manager QADEV (1998-2003)
    • management of a global distributed developer team (Germany, China, Russia, Ireland)
    • inventor of automated, structured StarOffice/OpenOffice API testing scheme
    • creator of first UNO-API test infrastructure (JSuite) aka testrunner and first automated test program for system abstract layer libraries later on passed over to Stephan Wunderlich / Lars Langhans
      • today shipped with Debian Ubuntu in:
  • Team Lead QA-API (1 yr)
    • development of an automated API test infrastructure
  • QA Engineer SO-Writer
    • So-Writer manual testing (6 mths)
    • Testplan development

My Work Life before Sun / ORACLE

  • Co-Owner of MediaNet Meins Zimmermann GbR (1992-1997)
    • Management consulting of banks, broadcasting media (radio ffn) and manufacturing companies
  • Manager Production Controlling Systems, Matthews International Co Ltd. (1991-1992)
    • development, calculation and projecting of customer solutions in manufacturing environments throughout Europe
  • Production Manager of Georg Kracht Foam Technology and Packaging Systems GmbH, Cologne (1989-1991)
    • Management of 120 People in a high pace manufacturing environment
  • Operations Scheduling and Management of CNC Department, Georg Kracht Foam Technology and Packaging Systems, Collogne
    • create software infrastructure of a highly competitive technology to manufacture CNC produced packaging
    • develop, prototype and QA CNC manufactured packaging for high end technology products (military, medical, electronics)
  • CAD/CAM Simulation Software Support Engineer, InterCAD GmbH (1988-1989)
    • customer support, teaching instructors and presentations of CAD/CAM solutions
  • Study machine engineering, CNC technology(grad. 1988)
  • Engine Fitter, Shell refinery Collogne (Godorf)
    • maintenance and repair of compressors, pumps and turbines in a class A security environment

My Efforts@Sun

Development Projects

Sigma Projects

  • IT Consolidation Server Rooms P2589 (completed) - project lead
  • IT Consolidation Workstation P3709 (completed) - project lead
  • Specification Improvement P3386 (completed) - mentor
  • ChildWorkSpace Improvement P1964 (closed) - mentor
  • Development Process Rework Cost Reduction P2004 (split) - menthor

Consulting Projects

  • Sun ERI Beijing (headed by Li Gong), 5 mths in 2003
    • collaboration and communication consulting
    • global engineering
    • remote management
  • Beijing Redflag CH2000 (headed by Hu Caiyong) , 4 mths in 2007/2008
    • collaboration and communication improvement
    • cultural differences and difference of mentality (China/Germany)
    • management consulting (people management)
    • company analysis and report to company owner Yu Pin Hai
    • distributed engineering
  • Sun Microsystems, StarOffice (headed by Michael Bemmer) , continuous
    • collaboration and communication improvement
    • cultural differences and difference of mentality (Germany/China)
    • management consulting
  • INTEL Germany, 2009 / 2010
    • collaboration with business development CMPC on defining Linux based educational Software stack for CMPC
    • working with Roesner and Intel technicians on driver retrieval (Touchscreen, WLAN)
  • Learner's Assistant project (Learn Methods translated to Software Tools for student centric learning)
    • working with LA project (Learners Assistant) on student centric individual learning software
    • working with L3S research Institute and ZNL (Transfer center for neuro biology and learning) on defining a collaborative BMBF funded research project.

Other Efforts/Projects involved

  • Source Code Inventory
    • Source Code Metrics together with Dr.Ferenc and a team of the University Szeged (Hungary) and Multiracio
    • Architectural Source Code Analysis and recovery together with Prof.Dr.Koschke (Uni Bremen) and Axivion
  • Coding Standards / Code Reviews
  • Statistical Plugin evaluations [Star|Open]Office
  • Review and adjustment of training materials for DFSS (w. Steve Fleming MBB GE / Lowry Manson MBB GE)
  • Setup of Sigma Training for Software Development (w. David Gurchinoff MBB Sun) - cancelled
  • Information Sharing (Improve the ability of community participants to access relevant information)

Research & Education

  • University and other educational institute activities
  • organize and co-ordinate TOI events at universities (senior software developers of Sun speak at Universities)
  • working together with Professors of different Universities and other educational institutes on Demos, Praesos, Workshops, projects, thesis guidance, etc.
  • organize open door events@Sun - students come to Sun's developer site - the core development of at Sun
  • working together with local administration for teacher education and school development on a collaborative effort to foster the transition of education from knowledge content providing to knowledge acquisition - individual learning.

My Focus Areas

  • Education/Relationships
    • GSO Edu alliance development
    • Source Code analysis projects (University Bremen, Stuttgart, University Szeged (Hungary))
    • Presos, Demos, Curriculae, Workshops, Thesis mentoring
    • Campus Ambassadors and IT faculty tutors
    • local administration of teacher education and school development
  • Partner Relationships
    • Redflag CH2000 collaboration consulting
    • Mentor/Mentee program
  • complexity
    • Code Complexity
      • Source Code Metrics
      • Architectural Analysis
    • Process Complexity
      • Build Process
      • Source Code Management
    • Site Complexity
  • Change Acceptance
    • Collaboration
    • Distributed Development
    • Sharing Expertise and Control
  • Self Development
    • Communication & Transparency
    • SEED - software architecture & design, event driven programming
    • Language study - Mandarin

Latest Readings

  • Education and Management
    • Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior By ORI BRAFMAN AND ROM BRAFMAN
    • Disrupting Class by (Clayton M. Christensen)
    • Leading at a Higher Level (by Ken Blanchard)
    • Getting Things Done (by David Allen)
  • IT
    • Essential Linux Device Drivers (by Sreekrishnan Venkateswaran)
    • Cross-Platform Development in C++ (by Syd Logan)
  • Fiction
    • Time's Eye (by Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter)
    • "The whole mars series" (by Edgar Rice Burroughs)

Frequent readings

    • The Cathedral and the Bazaar (by Eric Steven Raymond)
    • Self-reflection (by Marcus Aurelius)
    • The Dialogues of Plato
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