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Below is an initial attempt to create a to do list based on the Strategic_Marketing_Plan. It is being developed in response to the difficulty of others in figuring out what needs to be done and where they may be able to contribute. As this list is started, it consists mainly of the items identified that seem to need some immediate work. If you work on this list, help would be appreciated in helping to identify any existing resources to the items below.

To Do No. Source Comment
1 SMP Identify which OS'es have 10% market share and whether OOo is available for them.

According toNetApplications, the only operating system with more than 10% market share is Windows XP. Considering OOo will run on several other flavors of Windows and a variety of other operating system platforms that do not yet have 10% market share, it would appear this objective has been met. Considering Windows "owns" about 95% of the market, it would seem much more emphasis may be needed in targetting Windows users.
2 SMP Identify languages where OOo is used by 10% of users.

This page includes a ranked listing of languages used throughout the world. I'm still working on how this may be correlated with computer users. Probably need to clean this data up a little bit and then indicate whether OOo is available in these different languages. Perhaps some folks with different NL projects can help.Jcausey 16:33, 21 February 2006 (CET)
3 SMP Create chart of 1 hour local wages for different countries/regions to determine whether OOo available to 90% at this amount
4 JCausey General promotional materials.

Done. It appears there are 3 "general" material items available. They include a 4-page flyer, a 2-page specification sheet, and a presentation (available in different formats, including a flash version for on-line viewing). These materials are available at There is also an indication on the main Marketing page that more materials are available at However, it appears to me that they are the same materials.
5 JCausey Review SWOT and enviro. scans for items to add to marketing materials.
6 SMP Government specific marketing materials - build on general purpose, emphasize vendor neutrality and long-term data retention/access
7 SMP Education specific materials - versions for both teachers/admins and students. Incorporate/revise existing materials to use Otto. Formatted better. Target is 7-8 year olds.
8 SMP Public Libraries - create a list or DB of successful deployments. Update Library "package" for OOo 2.0+. Identify a supplier of CD's for this project?
9 SMP NFP - add in not having to depend on "grantor" type organizations to get legit licenses for stuff like MSO.
10 SMP OEM's - any successes?
11 SMP Linux distros - create list of "general purpose" Linux distros and status of OOo inclusion
12 SMP Usage goals - sources for data. Anyone watching? Create reports.
13 SMP - 1.1 Goal of this item? Some clarity.
14 SMP - 1.2 Design a logo? List of who we want to use it? (This refers to the " Inside" campaign)
15 SMP - 1.3 How?
16 SMP - 1.4 This seems to be done. Perhaps results/instructions need to be published somewhere?
17 SMP - 1.8 Database/list needed
18 SMP - 1.9 Done? Reference?
19 SMP - 1.11 Anyone examining/cataloging the RFE's?
20 SMP - 1.13 Anyone publicizing this info? Where? Which committees?
21 SMP - 2.1 Any materials developed specific to the "open source value" proposition?
22 SMP - 3.6 Magazines identified and listed? Coverage identified?
23 SMP - 3.7 Any "Starting with" articles written? Where?
24 SMP - 3.8 List of libraries/locations where this has been pursued? Successes?
25 SMP - 4.5 Any marketing materials developed to help support OOo versus MSO bargain-basement versions?
26 SMP - 4.16 Are MarCons the speakers or does another list of volunteer speakers need to be created/maintained?
27 SMP - 4.20 ???
28 SMP Any promotional materials specific to users facing forced upgrade of MSO? E.g "Open Your Windows To A Whole New World"
29 SMP Any promotional materials specific to possible MSO pirates?
30 SMP Any specific promotional materials for current "non-consumers"?
31 JCausey Updates needed to indicate OOo now includes a database component
32 J Causey Develop documents/scripts for "booth beings"
33 J Causey Fix or create new calendar of upcoming events and OOo MP involvement.
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, April 3-6, Boston MA
O'Reilly Open Source Convention, July 24-28, Portland OR
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