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Run the office from an installed version. Do not attempt to run it from the solver/bin directory, it won't work. Also do not run it from within the build environment's shell, as libraries from the wrong path would be pulled in and subsequent libraries not be found. Use a clean shell instead.

Installation with an accompanying separated UserInstallation directory happened automatically at the indicated location if you used the LOCALINSTALLDIR="/my/Destination/Dir" and PKGFORMAT="installed" environment variables during the build. Invocation then would be /my/Destination/Dir/openoffice.org3/program/soffice

Otherwise, you'll have to install the package created for your platform after the building phase. That means, if you used for instance --with-package-format=deb, you should install the .debs which were created after compilation. These may be for instance at ./instsetoo_native/ in the source tree. Install them with your package normal like you do with other applications.

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