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Meeting Details

  • 2010-02-22, 4:20 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC:clu_sun)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_SunOOoUX)
  • Anton (IRC: agb)
  • Christoph Noack (IRC: christoph_n)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • D. Richard (IRC: dave_largo)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_Sun)
  • Elizabeth Matthis (irc: lizm)


  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


(4:12:22 PM) agb: hi, all
(4:12:23 PM) lizm: lovely! Frank will join in a minute
(4:12:31 PM) frankl: Hi Christoph!
(4:12:40 PM) lizm: Hi agb! Nice to have you.
(4:12:50 PM) clu_sun [~cl114686@nat/sun/x-cxxndwohffecwjnm] entered the room.
(4:13:14 PM) frankl: Andreas wil join in a minute.
(4:13:18 PM) frankl: +l
(4:13:32 PM) christoph_n: Hi!
(4:13:38 PM) lizm: Yes, that is my great news today, that I will staff the Sun CeBIT booth Thurs afternoon then all day Friday and Sat.
(4:13:41 PM) clu_sun: moin
(4:13:47 PM) lizm: Hi clu
(4:14:27 PM) christoph_n: Cool! Liz, you may have a look at:
(4:14:40 PM) lizm: Our booth is in the open souce zone near the OOo e.V. booths.
(4:15:21 PM) clu_sun: who from the community will be on the cebit?
(4:15:35 PM) christoph_n: It is called "sauce" ;-)
(4:15:36 PM) lizm: oh happy day! You'll be there too!!! Yippee we're going to have fun. ;-)
(4:16:14 PM) clu_sun: ok., now i see
(4:16:19 PM) christoph_n: clu_sun: Sorry, I don't know  because I didn't went through all the mails. On the wiki page there is some more information...
(4:16:26 PM) lizm: "source" not Soße
(4:16:29 PM) christoph_n: ;-)
(4:17:28 PM) christoph_n: Another thing, I'm not sure who "agb" is. Could anybody provide a hint, please?
(4:18:07 PM) lizm: ->agb mystery guest?
(4:18:43 PM) christoph_n: In Germany AGB is something like: ;-)
(4:19:36 PM) lizm: Maybe it is Andreas?
(4:21:23 PM) lizm: Frank, let's get to business. How are things going? I was out sick the last weeks.  Do we have another status report coming this week?
(4:21:49 PM) Andreas_Sun [] entered the room.
(4:22:12 PM) Andreas_Sun: hi guys! sorry for the delay
(4:22:27 PM) Andreas_Sun: I've been discussing some issues with André
(4:23:05 PM) christoph_n: Oh, and we have plenty of them ;-) Hi Andreas!
(4:24:19 PM) Andreas_Sun: yes, that is true
(4:25:05 PM) Andreas_Sun: we are still discussing a lot of issues that come up during work
(4:26:20 PM) christoph_n: Yep, I also discuss some little but nasty things with the printerpullpages guys. But most of the time I'm the "nasty" thing...
(4:26:44 PM) Andreas_Sun: sure, who else ;-)
(4:26:51 PM) christoph_n: However, are there any topics planned for today?
(4:27:16 PM) christoph_n: Frank already started a minutes page:
(4:27:34 PM) Andreas_Sun: i guess no really specific topics, at least not form my side, if you have any then shoot
(4:28:03 PM) lizm: Do we have another status report coming this week?
(4:28:05 PM) christoph_n: (plonk) --> means none
(4:28:09 PM) Andreas_Sun: yes
(4:28:17 PM) Andreas_Sun: thursday i guess
(4:28:26 PM) Andreas_Sun: friday latest
(4:28:36 PM) lizm: okay, thx
(4:29:49 PM) Andreas_Sun: overall the iTeam continues working on slide selection and slide layouts, however, to make these things REALLY work takes time
(4:29:52 PM) christoph_n: Personally I'm interested in what is going on for Impress. At the moment (due to CC and other things) I'm nearly unable to follow what is going on... Could you please tell something?
(4:30:35 PM) Andreas_Sun: I understand Christoph
(4:31:32 PM) Andreas_Sun: ... I hope that we will be able to upload a video to demo the current statuss
(4:31:49 PM) Andreas_Sun: maybe, maybe also this week end
(4:31:54 PM) Andreas_Sun: the coming I mean
(4:31:57 PM) agb: christoph_n: I'm mr_smyle on IssueTracker
(4:32:49 PM) lizm: Thx for the Smyle :-)
(4:33:33 PM) agb: My name is Anton, from Ukraine, Kharkov
(4:33:48 PM) christoph_n: Andreas_Sun: A video would be great, because the current communication via video seems to be quite efficient. If it is already there you might announce it on GullFOSS. If you lack some time, I can do that if you like.
(4:33:56 PM) Andreas_Sun: hi anton
(4:34:02 PM) christoph_n: Hi Anton, nice to meet you!
(4:36:32 PM) Andreas_Sun: one of the current issues that is being discussed is for instance if shadows behind slides in "normal view" should scale when zooming is used
(4:37:11 PM) Andreas_Sun: seems a small issue but there are different opinions about thqt
(4:37:40 PM) christoph_n: And there are already decisions based on Notes2 :-)
(4:38:22 PM) christoph_n:
(4:38:28 PM) Andreas_Sun: we could use pretty shadows with bitmaps but they don't scale which seems not really problematic for most people since they don't really notice what happens
(4:39:30 PM) Andreas_Sun: however, it might seem unnatural for others
(4:40:15 PM) Andreas_Sun: interestingly, no other application does scalling of shadows
(4:40:18 PM) christoph_n: Basically the shadow doesn't change for the Writer document ... If any other decision is made, this would (should) have impact on other applications, too.
(4:40:26 PM) Andreas_Sun: i meas except OOo
(4:40:49 PM) Andreas_Sun: i agree and saw today that Writer does not change shadows
(4:41:14 PM) christoph_n: Although this isn't a working meeting: Because it presents UI elements which have a fixed shadow. The slides itself are content which have to be scaled. My opinion...
(4:41:17 PM) Andreas_Sun: and i am willing to do the same for the sake of nice visual appearance
(4:41:18 PM) agb: if shadow grows it means that object moved up from table... on scaling we just go closer to object, so I think no need to zoom shadow
(4:41:46 PM) frankl: I would prefer if the shadows would be the same in all OOo apps.
(4:41:49 PM) Andreas_Sun: exactly, this is a good example
(4:41:57 PM) Andreas_Sun: thanks anton
(4:42:01 PM) christoph_n: --> agb: Exactly, that is the rationale behind the shadow for the Notes/Comments.
(4:42:20 PM) christoph_n: If focused, then the shadow is a bit larger --> highlighted object
(4:42:33 PM) Andreas_Sun: I was really not understanding the point why shadows should grow if layers remain at same distance
(4:43:17 PM) christoph_n: That depends on the people taking part in the discussion ;-)
(4:44:33 PM) agb: christoph_n: may be if object is highlighted - use bigger shift x- y- instead of  zoom for shadow,
(4:45:41 PM) christoph_n: --> Sorry, I don't understand that. Technically the size of the shadow is increased (and due to technical constraints only in y direction, because for x we cannot draw anything on the gray Writer background)
(4:46:10 PM) agb: zoom means blur? )
(4:46:28 PM) Andreas_Sun: sometimes is seams so ;-)
(4:47:54 PM) christoph_n: Blur? The toolkit doesn't even allow to draw simple gradients which are somehow reproducible...
(4:48:33 PM) Andreas_Sun: that is another issues. drawing gradients might slow things down
(4:48:54 PM) agb: look on pic if use height for shadow like N1, but shift it little by Y - effect of moving up will be present
(4:50:56 PM) Andreas_Sun: anyhow, this is what is currently on vogue :-)
(4:50:58 PM) agb: although i can not see any wrong on thic pic - nice shadows
(4:51:00 PM) christoph_n: As I said, the developer could not control anything (E2...E5), so we had to use N1/V1/E1 only. I still hope to get better flexibility for such things. But at the moment there are no plans do change the Comments.
(4:51:36 PM) christoph_n: Andreas_Sun: Yep ... and thank you!
(4:53:48 PM) frankl: Other topics for today?
(4:54:01 PM) frankl: I am working on a 'Good Default' Spec.:
(4:54:04 PM) Andreas_Sun: well, that's it form my side
(4:55:13 PM) christoph_n: The 's' for Good Defaults seems important ;-)
(4:55:29 PM) christoph_n: Basically - very cool to address many things at once!
(4:56:57 PM) frankl: The spec focuses on the low hanging fruits we can achieve by changing defaults or already present options in OOo.
(4:57:16 PM) agb: frankl: is it here we can add for tables - default border 0,5 pt instead of 0,05 ?)
(4:59:07 PM) frankl: This is an issue in Calc/Writer too.
(5:00:58 PM) frankl: I will check what we can do for tables.
(5:01:39 PM) agb: Ctrl+Up Ctrl+Down will be nice assume to move current paragraph up and down
(5:04:13 PM) frankl: Yes this is missing in Impress (&Calc). Not sure if the spec already covers this function.
(5:05:35 PM) agb: about Good Defaults.. Helen_Russian on her site keep defaults witch distributed like fully configured profile.
(5:06:58 PM) frankl: Link?
(5:07:09 PM) agb: - you can translate from Russian to English by Google
(5:08:47 PM) frankl: OK. thanks I will have a look it. (or maybe Andreas, because he understands Russian. :-)
(5:11:42 PM) lizm: Helen_Russian works on the QA project, so maybe she has created issues for some of these?
(5:11:49 PM) agb: like for me. on new installation I: 1) off special marks for spacebar in writer 2) add icon to toolbar "Add comment" (writer, Calc) 3) Add Shortcut to add comment like Ctrl+Ins 4) add some colors to paletter
(5:12:03 PM) Andreas_Sun: ok guys, need to run. thanks for dropping by today and talk to you next week.
(5:12:22 PM) clu_sun left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(5:12:25 PM) lizm: Thanks everyone. See you next week. Bye!
(5:12:30 PM) christoph_n: Bye Andreas!
(5:12:39 PM) agb: lizm, Andreas_Sun: Bye!
(5:12:50 PM) Andreas_Sun: bye bye
(5:13:07 PM) lizm: Bye agb, it was especially good you were online today. Hope to see you again.
(5:13:07 PM) Andreas_Sun left the room (quit: Quit: Andreas_Sun).
(5:13:14 PM) frankl: bye
(5:13:24 PM) christoph_n: Here is the link for the translation:
(5:13:28 PM) christoph_n: Bye, everybody!
(5:14:53 PM) lizm: Hey christoph, are you going to be on the phone soon?
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