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Prototyping phase II has ended.


Building a flexible framework for mid-fidelity prototyping to test promising UI designs with real users.



Screencast Live Prototype
The video testdrive on YouTube gives you a first impression what the prototype is about. The latest prototype (v 0.18) runs on "live" your computer (Java 6 required).

Note: This mid-fidelity prototype has no polished UI design! Also the content of the toolbar section is not final nor complete. We just want to test interaction of the a possible UI with normal users. Therefore the prototype provides only limited functionality that allows us to run some tests in real live scenarios like creating a small presentation and doing some formatting.

Our page Frequently Asked Questions provides more information on what is prototyping.

Supported functionality in prototype

Tip: functional buttons in the toolbars show a green point in the lower right corner

  • Loading ODP files from OOo (ODF)
  • Load/Save own XML file format
  • Main menu
  • Slideable toolbar area
  • Zoom slider
  • New handles/ mode less rotation
  • Insert
    • Bitmaps
    • Shapes
  • Format (context sensitive like in StarOffice 4/5)
    • Border style
    • Border width
    • Character format (bold/italic/underlined)
    • Paragraph (left, right, centered, justified)
    • Color and gradient for
      • Fill
      • Border
  • Design
    • Slide theming
    • Color theming
  • Views
    • Normal
    • Sorter
    • 3D (i.e. on small devices)
    • Presentation mode
    • Notes window (at the bottom in normal view)
    • Slide preview (on the left in normal view)
  • Direct object interaction for
    • Slides
      • Yellow circle: Slide/overview zoom
      • M: Live master mode switch
      • Copy/delete/duplicate

Progress / Mini-Minutes


Tasks to support

  • Must have
    • insert slide (done)
    • delete slide (done)
    • duplicate slide (done)
    • change slide layout (done)
    • change slide design (done)
    • input text (done)
    • navigate through slides (done)
  • Nice to have
    • insert image (done)
    • insert shape (done)
    • insert table
    • insert text field (done)
  • If possible
    • modify image
    • modify shape (done)
    • modify table
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