ReleaseStatus Minutes 2010-06-21 IRC log

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[15:00] <mdamboldt> Hi
[15:00] <enoki> hi
[15:00] <mdamboldt> welcome to todays release status meeting.
[15:00] <of_sun> Hello
[15:01] <mdamboldt> We are approaching 3.3 branch off date
[15:01] <mdamboldt> Integration of 3.3 CWSs is inprogress.
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[15:04] <rtimm> ... and sometimes tedious ...
[15:05] <mdamboldt> rtimm: Yes, I heard of the issue of having many conflicts and other integration issues. So it‘'s looking like integration will ake longer than expected initialy.
[15:07] <mdamboldt> Are there any specific topic topics for todays meeting, I didn't find any on the agenda for today.
[15:10] <mdamboldt> So as soon, as new milestones become available, you will be notified on corresponding channels. Please keep in mind the L10N translation handover 1st July 2010 and the corresponding L10N handback on 15th July as the next key dates after the branch off.
[15:12] <Fridrich> any idea when one can expect first RC?
[15:14] <Fridrich> just in an indicative way
[15:14] <mdamboldt> As soon as L10N complete for all languages and no stopper issues are open.
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[15:16] <Fridrich> ok, something like end of July?
[15:16] <_rene_> will we get a beta before?
[15:16] <Fridrich> good question
[15:16] <_rene_> so rc is long away still
[15:16] <_rene_> Fridrich: we have an issue for "3.3 *beta* blockers"
[15:17] <mdamboldt> Having a beta release has been requested.
[15:17] <MechtiIde> I expect the Beta version at the beginning of July at the same time the translation round will begin
[15:19] <mdamboldt> I think thats all I've for todays meeting.
[15:21] <mdamboldt> bye
[15:22] <Fridrich> bye
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[15:28] <stefan_b> bye

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