ReleaseStatus Minutes 2010-06-14 IRC log

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(14:57:24) Das Thema für #oooreleases ist: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(14:57:34) ja: Moin
(15:03:40) ml1 [~ml93712@nat/sun/x-oxfedtbxiwwueasm] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:03:47) ml1: hi all
(15:05:24) rosana_a: hi all
(15:05:41) MechtiIde: hallo
(15:05:46) stefan_b: Moin
(15:06:02) rafaella [~Rafaella@nat/sun/x-lznjxhrysgnykxrv] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:06:22) mdamboldt: Hi
(15:06:47) mdamboldt: Welcome to todays release status meeting, let's start with the 3.3 topic
(15:06:49) UweL [~chatzilla@nat/sun/x-azihvvdiyfoxtgig] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:07:23) mdamboldt: One item has been added to the agenda of todays meeting, Issue 112274 has been nominated as stopper for 3.3 Beta release.
(15:07:28) IZBot: Database access DEFECT NEW P2 Update resultset not possible any more
(15:07:29) blauwal [~jr93709@nat/sun/x-avervjbsupjcgunv] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:07:46) mdamboldt: I think this one is understood and accepted, right?
(15:08:23) MechtiIde: not confirmed at releases@ooo
(15:09:01) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: Uwe did so just one minute ago on the list.
(15:09:10) rtimm [~Ruediger@nat/sun/x-ftiguzbnbclzojjj] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:09:16) MechtiIde: ok :))
(15:09:37) mdamboldt: Same for Issue 107254.
(15:09:42) IZBot: gsl DEFECT STARTED P3 Incorrect ToUnicode table mapping for ligatures in PDF
(15:10:11) _Nesshof_ [~martin@nat/sun/x-hbakriiwhfjxddjq] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:11:03) mdamboldt: There is another one nominated on the list. It's issue 112141
(15:11:09) IZBot: framework ENHANCEMENT NEW P3 Reintroduce color codes for mime type icons
(15:12:35) mdamboldt: The overall topic of issue 112141 has already been an agenda item of OOo councils meeting.
(15:12:38) IZBot: framework ENHANCEMENT NEW P3 Reintroduce color codes for mime type icons
(15:13:53) enoki [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:13:58) rosana_a: as Martin said the Community Council agreed on the creation of an i-team for the ODF icons
(15:14:09) rosana_a:
(15:15:44) _Nesshof_: quote: 2010-05-20: Intensive discussion about the request and how to address it. Stefan and Christoph agreed to work out a request to the ODF Icons team to iterate on the design and/or processes. Maybe a "refreshed" team which may provide an agreed-upon proposal. Stefan stated that there shouldn't be any dependency to the next/other releases. 2010-06-08: Some opinions have been requested by people who initially worked in the brandi
(15:16:49) _Nesshof_: so I think interested people should join that I-Team
(15:17:32) MechtiIde: shoud it communicate on that wiki page? _Nesshof_
(15:18:07) _Nesshof_: The work of the I-Team might need some time to get to result, so we should not consider this a stopper, IHMO
(15:18:08) MechtiIde: who want to join to the I-team?
(15:18:33) ja: _Nesshof_: thanks for clarification
(15:18:36) rosana_a: I think Christoph Noack ans Stefan Taxhet want to start the i-team
(15:18:45) _Nesshof_: my understanding is, that interested people should contact Christof and/or Stefan for further information
(15:18:57) MechtiIde: _Nesshof_, ok
(15:19:35) rosana_a: I will be informing the branding list as soon as the i-team is started
(15:20:10) mdamboldt: Any further topics for today?
(15:21:12) MechtiIde: when do we get the latest CWSes
(15:21:22) MechtiIde: with new features?
(15:21:39) MechtiIde: will it be m83?
(15:22:43) rtimm: There are quite some open childworkspaces. May be we make two milestones out of that.
(15:23:05) mdamboldt: rtimm: So two in this week, right?
(15:23:21) blauwal: more early next week
(15:24:08) rtimm: blauwal: Yes. The second one would most probably no get finished this week.
(15:24:51) mdamboldt: rtimm: Who will do the first round?
(15:25:27) ja: Oliver Bolte will do
(15:27:59) mdamboldt: Ok, anything else?
(15:29:03) MechtiIde: Issue 107254 is fixed now
(15:29:09) IZBot: gsl DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED P3 Incorrect ToUnicode table mapping for ligatures in PDF
(15:29:41) MechtiIde: for the record
(15:30:47) mdamboldt: Thanks! So talk to you all latest next week again.
(15:30:48) mdamboldt: bye
(15:30:52) rtimm: bye
(15:30:58) rafaella: bye

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