Referencing data in a spreadsheet

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You can reference data from other cells or sheets in the

same document. The result data changes accordingly when the source

data has changed.

Suppose that in a spreadsheet, you are trying to sum the

values of cell A1 in Sheet1 and cell B1 in Sheet2, and put the result

into cell C1 in Sheet3. To accomplish the task, do the following steps:
  1. Select cell C1 in Sheet3.
  2. On the Formula toolbar, click the Function icon S function icon.jpg.
  3. You can use either of the following ways to edit the formula.
    • Enter Sheet1.A1+Sheet2.B1 after the Equal sign (=).
    • You can also complete the formula by selecting the cells in the following way.
      1. In Sheet1, select cell A1.
      2. In Sheet3, enter a Plus sign (+) in the Formula Input Line.
      3. In Sheet2, select cell B1.
  4. In Sheet3, click the Accept icon on the Formula toolbar. You can see that the sum value of cell A1 in Sheet1 and cell B1 in Sheet2 is displayed in C1.
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