Referencing data from other spreadsheets

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You can reference data from other spreadsheets and update it.

To reference a cell value in another spreadsheet, do the following steps:
  1. In your current spreadsheet, select the cell to add the reference.
  2. On the Formula toolbar, click the Function icon.
  3. In the Formula Input Line, enter the code in the following format.
    <code>'file:/<strong class="ph b"><var class="keyword varname">FilePath</var></strong>'#<strong class="ph b"><var class="keyword varname">SheetName</var></strong>.<strong class="ph b"><var class="keyword varname">DataRange</var></strong></code>

    For example, to reference A1:B5 in the example.ods file

    under the c:/temp/ directory, enter 'file:/c:/temp/example.ods'#Sheet1.A1:B5.
  4. Press Enter.
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