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Fixed Issues List(updata in 2009-04-21 by LiuTao)

The words with bold-face show the recent update in last week

list for detail

Total submitted:220 Accepted:147 Disavowal:10 Duplicated:6 Have been solved by OOo:1 Discussing:5 Wait for review:52 Give up: 1
Issue NO. Summary Module Status Time
#113363 Create UOF Incubator Project UOF in progress 20100907
#108805 Print Preview export pdf reload sw document crash sw accepted 20100313
#63510 paste slide in handout is unreasonable sd wait for review 20090212
#98831 when close the window and click cancel,the middle window can not be resized. sd wait for review 20090204
#98832 the new slide is disable sd wait for review 20090204
#100512 Resizing flicker when toolbar buttons make themselves invisible. framework wait for review 20090325
#64689 Add Chart type : Bubble charts Chart2 accepted 20090225
#93953 Source Format for secondary axes Chart2 accepted 20090306
#84103 cannot set data in xy diagram in draw Chart2 accepted 20080925
#92128 Asian Typography for Charts - customize spacing between Asian, Latin and Complex text Chart2 accepted 20080911
#91129 Scale text Button not persistent Chart2 accepted 20080725
#74660 orientation of category axes swaps between 2D and 3D for bar charts Chart2 accepted 20080829
#85439 Column and Line Chart are not build correct Chart2 accepted 20080611
#89585 Destroyed view of Chart Data Table Chart2 accepted 20080611
#32899 PDF Export of a chart selection in calc is empty Chart2 accepted 20080604
#88591 Charts with empty cells change aftercopy/paste from Calc to Writer Chart2 accepted 20080605
#88972 XY (scatter) with large numbers goes wrong Chart2 accepted 20080522
#88498 Inconsistent tranparency in Stock Chart Chart2 accepted 20080603
#80933 Selection of Grid with keyboard is not visible Chart2 accepted 20080506
#76053 Selectionhandles for Line/xy Charts switch from Points to rectangle selection Chart2 accepted 20080428
#67368 don't show red selection handles for not rotatable objects Chart2 accepted 20080417
#60401 ux-ctest: Calc does not support all users' strategies regarding sorting data SC accepted 2008.10
#96930 the toolbar's sorting icons should be disabled in multi-selection SC accepted 2008.12
#8302 want to be able to insert into the middle of merged cells SC accepted 2009.3
#7500 Copying across fromulas from one merged cell to another SC accepted 2009.2
#97974 Can't draw after autofilter and Undo SC accepted 2009.3
#96837 Remove filter doesn't work well SC accepted 2009.2
#91483 Writer crashes when inserting ole if text is hidden SW accepted 2009.1
#99099 Wrong action when distribute rows equally SW wait for review 2009.2
#101207 Let password creation dialog clear both fields framework accepted 2009 04
#96837 ODFF: make the last parameter of POISSON function optional SC Wait for review 2008 12
#96835 ODFF: make the last parameter of LOG function optional SC Wait for review 2008 12
#94813 Opening .xls sheet with pie chart crashes OOo chart2 Wait for review 2008 10
#93473 closing a form while the data source browser is focused silently discards all changes in the form framework Accepted 2008 11
#88467 Undo is not possible after changing margins in page preview SC Accepted 2008 06
#86856 Show Formula Syntax in tip help! SC Accepted 2008 04
#88521 Adding scaling factor on page preview in calc! SC Accepted 2008 05
#95051 Ja messages are truncated in Axis dialog chart2 Wait for review 2008 10
#89430 Ja message for "Cubic spline" is truncated in Smooth Lines dialog chart2 Wait for review 2008 10
#22758 Title lines are sorted as data sc Accepted 2008 10
#24203 rotate data labels chart2 Wait for review 2008 09
#71686 XY charts without valid x values are not imported correctly from Excel chart2 Wait for review 2008 10
#7277 sorting should default to selected column SC Accepted 2008 09
#91477 Include setItemImage in framework wait for review 2008 08
#89145 scroll whell doesn't work in page preview in calc sc Accepted 2008 08
#7088 Add/delete rows/columns across selected sheets sc Accepted 2008 08
#91146 Negated large arrays slow application sc Accepted 2008 08
#85226 SUBTOTAL result not updated when undoing autofilter sc Accepted 2008 08
#90060 Wrong result of nested IF() functions in array context. sc wait for review 2008 08
#30172 ODFF: INDIRECT function additionally should interpret the exclamation mark as sheet-cell separator sc Accepted 2008 08
#92816 Support easy way to retrieve images from extension framework Accepted 2008 09
#93617 Let Mozilla plugin use pipe-based uno connection. framework Accepted 2008 09
#54638 Hindi Numbers in OLEs are arabic. framework Accepted 2008 09
#88127 The MasterPassword dialog needs new UI. framework Accepted 2008 09
#93789 ODFF: implement EUROCONVERT spreadsheet function sc Accepted 2008 09
#44349 Autofilter is duplicated after UNDO/REDO after Move sc Accepted 2008 09
#91483 Writer crashes when inserting ole if text is hidden sw Accepted 2008 09
#20491 Q-PCD MSInteroperability-31: stable sorting sc wait for review 2008 09
#35579 Standard filter requires more options sc wait for review
#46681 ODFF: Repeat values of single array vector if used in second array dimension sc wait for review
#65839 draw and impress fail to enable the paste button's arrow after starting Drawing Accepted
#55171 Sheet does not change if right clicked on tabbar sc Accepted
#73247 basic,crash when looking at a textsection sw Accepted
#1163 title for secondary y axis chart2 Accepted
#10755 Modyfing names resets name list position SC Accepted 2008 02
#16776 starting angle for pie charts - rotation of pie charts chart2 Accepted 2007 12
#18907 wrong default table name in "Copy table" DBA Accepted
#21923 Reworked dialogs for password framework wait for review 2008 04
#23299 subtotal does not update when filter changes sc Accepted
#24614 new chart: Regression curves - Inconsistency in 3D Chart2 discussing
#26488 disable sizing controls for Title and Legend as long as those functions are not available Chart2 Accepted 2008 02
#26490 Base Point for resize does not work correct Chart2 Accepted 2008 03
#26572 new chart: Font Preview shows wrong text chart2 Accepted 2008 03
#26795 display bars on different axis next to each other chart2 Accepted
#27725 leave edit mode upon protecting sheet sc Accepted
#28752 incorrect icon for background-color-button in case of default background sc Accepted 2008 02
#31097 Data Point Symbol size changes when a different symbol is choosen chart Accepted
#32420 Tools Config class should support utf8 files api Accepted
#33668 right-Click Popu Menu on the toolbar framewrok Accecpt 2008 04
#36213 Provide string resource for BootstrapError::BE_LANGUAGE_MISSING Framework Accepted
#37823 offer clockwise direction for pie charts Chart2 Accepted 2008 01
#38759 ODFF: MIN/MINA MAX/MAXA should return 0 if all parms are empty SC Accepted
#40300 Wrong automatic area selection in auto-filter SC Wait For Review 2008 07
#40353 Insert::SheetFromFile - 'CTRL+A' doesn't work for sheet selection SC Accepted 2008 03
#41881 Do incompatible change in SfxObjectShell::FillClass Framework Accepted 2008 07
#46681 ODFF: Repeat values of single array vector if used in second array dimension SC Wait For Review 2008 07
#47532 create IDL for and use ImplHelper API Accepted
#42852 String bugs on Undo etc sw wait for review 2008 03
#51150 Slideshow ignores digit language Graphics Accepted
#51462 <RETURN> key not applied in Navigator::Scenario view sc Accepted 2008 03
#53533 Lost of mark for selected autofilter after ESC sc Wait for review 2007 10
#53677 Customize Toolbars dialog: move items framework Accepted 2008 02
#54248 Table alignment changes when using "optimal column width" sw Accepted 2008 01
#56229 Bug selecting nested tables sw Accepted
#56352 Tip (Hint) of the "PRINT_DIRECTLY" BUTTON sw Wait for review
#59025 UNDO for insert frame moves cursor position to top of document sw Accepted 2007 10
#59599 Migration of settings from 1.x should not be offered when migration has already been done installation discussing
#60116 StandaloneDocumentInfo unit test. framework Accepted 2007 10
#63016 new chart: Regression curves - Inconsistency in 3D Chart2 Accepted
#63144 Still can edit a note after protecting the sheet! sc Accepted
#63661 Repairing XML document needs two clicks and dialogs more to abort operation! framework Accepted 2007 11
#63848 views.xcu permanently written when dragging stylist Framework Accepted
#64028 Some toolbars which are said not to have a closer have one... Framework Accepted 2008 04
#64391 Column of complex table can be dragged out of view! SW Accepted 2007 12
#64495 new chart: wrong selection after arranging series chart2 Accepted
#65041 Setting table separators leads to arbitrary behaviour api Accepted
#65549 Plotting of missing values (leave gap,assume zero,continue line) Chart2 Accepted 2008 01
#66425 Text crossed out with / or X is not crossed out in running presentation cppcanvas Accepted 2007 10
#67015 maximizing a report/form document results in useless window position on next open framework Accepted 2007 11
#67225 Invisible objects can be selected with keyboard navigation Chart2 Accepted
#67714 Preview in impress wizard keeps coming back sd Accepted 2008 07
#68512 Direction of the text is wrong when palying lantern slide Slideshow Accepted
#69281 Make chart2 warning-free on Windows and Linux chart Accepted
#69628 copy lantern slide can not paste into the right position. SD Accepted
#69898 display wrong in the Find & Replace Dialog SD Disavowal
#69922 Slides can't be renamed in special cases! graphics Wait For Review 2007 11
#70212 The slide border line cannot be printed when print slides as a handout mode SVX Duplicated(54989)
#70500 The footer can not be displayed in the Summary Slide SD Accepted
#70671 Wrong display in pages view Draw Wait for review 2007 11
#70991 row height extends to page size when dragging border with mouse in table breaking across pages SW discussing
#71063 Impress crashes on delete several outlines in outline view in new window SD Accepted
#71130 The display of grid in note page is wrong. SD Accepted
#71158 ODFF: Inconsistent GCD() results for non-integers SC Accepted 2008 02
#71363 After enering a calculation in table, the data should be left alignment. SW Disavowal
#71367 radial gradients in Impress fullscreen mode cppcanvas Wait For Review 2007 11
#71433 Cutted subtitle in running presentation SD Accepted 2008 01
#71600 Can not use the selected templet. SD discussing
#71761 The directory is displayed wrong if it contain blank character. SVX Disavowal
#71814 Hyperlinks don't work (properly) when aligning right or centered SC Give up
#72051 Change the sequence of slides, the slides cannot automatically update No. SD Duplicated(68775)
#72119 Images in Addons.xcu should be queried every time - not only for addons api Accepted
#72310 The graphics bullets can not be rotated with the text SVX Duplicated(68915)
#72394 "select all" does not work when "hidden text" at the end of document SW Accepted 2007 11
#72598 the status of the option of "Do not show on first slide" is unstable SD Disavowal
#72647 The message about font availablity does not work for Asain or CTL font. UI Wait for review
#72738 The state of the attribute is changed after reopen the setting dialog. SVX Accepted
#72828 Hypertext link and animation result in incorrect or missing links cppcanvas Wait for review 2008 01
#72925 The name of opened document does not exist in the "Recent documents" SFX2 Disavowal
#73106 "Text to Table"should be disable when only selected table. SW Disavowal
#73276 The file cannot be openned when the object is at the edit state . SFX2 Duplicated(73122)
#73289 I can't assign a layout on the masterslide-graphics. SW wait for review 2008 03
#73354 Tools/Customize/Toolbars: Imported icons lost after dialog close framework Accepted
#73355 Tools/Customize/Toolbars: Icon can be imported twice framework Accepted
#73682 crash when compare two word process documents SW Wait for review 2007 11
#73871 Convert into bmp does not change to picture bar SD Wait for review 2007 11
#73964 items > 9 in a roadmap control are presented as 1.. Framework Accepted 2007 10
#74385 becomes visible before execute is called Framework Accepted
#74471 hyperlink function - 90 degrees rotation makes cell not clickable sc wait for review 2008 03
#74542 I can draw lines eith arrows in the read only mode Graphics Accepted
#74718 Starting a presentation from a hidden slide starts from the first slide. SD Wait for review
#74723 Starting a presentation from a hidden slide starts from the first slide. SD Wait for review
#74739 first word in Title object doesn't change to capital SVX Accepted
#74780 Crash on Undo of merging cells in complex table. SW Wait for review 2007 12
#75008 Undo of insertion causes freeze SW Accepted
#75110 Preview in Numbering dialog - Chinese num characters overlap with text SW Wait for review
#75111 Can't correctly judge the ending position of the hyperlink field in Text Document. SW Disavowal
#75112 The default size of Chinese and English words in the Spreadsheet is different. SVX Wait for review
#75113 Can't delete the attribute of hyperlink in Spreadsheet. SC Wait for review
#75114 The bullets and numbering in Presentation can not be changed with other attributes like color or shadow. SD Wait for review
#75115 The Ruler lost after playing slides. SD Duplicated(67056)
#75116 The mode of "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" button in the Presentation are different SD Duplicated(42820)
#75117 "show/hide slide" option In Presentation shouldn't be active when there is no slide selected. SD Have been solved by OOo_680_m9
#75194 Automatic Position and Size get lost after save and reload chart2 Accepted
#75339 Part of the image is flipped horizontally when viewed in slideshow. cppcanvas Accepted
#75416 Crash occurs when doing "Repeat Search" in Navigation. SW Accepted
#75536 Quotient and rest calculations. SC Accepted 2008 01
#75848 Missing IDL for Framework Accepted
#76242 carsh when do "optimize"--"Distribute columns enevly" in nested tables SW Accepted
#76258 OO crashes while loading the document. SW Accepted 2007 12
#76662 Toolbar dissapears after entering and leaving embedded object Framework Accepted
#77236 Can split merged cells in protected sheet. SC Accepted
#77631 crash after doing undo the modification of index in table SW Accepted
#77648 Undo of cell number format does not work in special cases SW Accepted
#77649 Writer: Change of number format in table cells inconsistent SW Accepted
#77784 After paste "frame" into table with "Formatted Text[RTF]", crash when undo SW Wait for review 2008 01
#78006 The background shouldn't become gray when protect the sheet. SC Disavowal
#78009 The item "Sort"&"Consolidate" should be enable after record. SC Disavowal
#78010 The insert row/column item should be disable when select the whole column/row SC Accepted
#78011 The location of indexs and tables are wrong when open the document contain the indexs and tables by MS office SW Wait for review
#78012 no prompt after set the validity in the cell of sheet. SC Disavowal
#78015 there are some "?" + "numbers" + "english characters"and "?" + "numbers" styles in the list. SD Wait for review
#78095 Pasting a surrogates character from MS office word to OOo produce an additive device. SW discussing
#78781 ODFF: Excel INDEX() compatibility. SC Accepted 2008 03
#78880 when delete all address list elements ,click <find> button,crash SW Accepted
#79195 'Undo' is unactivated. SD Accepted
#79262 Rotated Titles get an offset after moving via mouse chart2 Accepted 2008 02
#79466 "Dock all toolbars" in drop-down menu is not available when menu is called via docked toolbar Framework Accepted 2008 04
#79712 it must be possible to disable the accelarator also for awt/controls gsl Wait for review 2007 11
#79713 DataEditor shows y-axis number format for x-values sc Wait for review 2008 07
#79739 Bad behaviour of hint “Invalid number” in data table Dialog chart2 Accepted
#80302 filled cells cannot be shifted beyond the sheet SC Accepted
#80518 Second y-axis with no series attached has different auto-scaling than the first y-axis chart wait for review 2008 07
#81076 Round the number of rows result set displayed for percentage filters. SC Accepted
#81278 crash regarding "Mail merge wizard". SW Accepted
#81435 A new SequenceOutputStream service. framework Accepted
#81544 Page desc changes if header is inserted SW Accepted 2008 03
#81993 endless loop - can't open .doc. SW Wait for review 2007 12
#82103 Underlined text does not show with animated items with links. cppcanvas Accepted 2008 01
#82227 Undo Convert Table to Text Crashes Writer. SW Accepted 2007 11
#82456 Default Asian font setting is not correct for New Chart chart2 Accepted 2008 03
#82689 editing a used list styles is not covered by the undo function. SW Accepted 2007 11
#83555 Importing icons in sizes 16x16 and 26x26 framework Accepted 2008 01
#84543 Remove entry View-Toolbars-Page Preview in Spreadsheet SW Accepted 2008 04
#84741 Time Format error in Chinese Format. i10n Wait for review 2008 01
#84546 Modification of List Styles shows a wrong string the undo menu SW Accepted 2008 02
#84984 impress137: crash when using graphic filters on bmp. Graphics Wait for review 2008 01
#85056 space above paragraph defect in a section that contains hidden paragraph. SW Wait for review 2008 04
#85261 Date Format Error Graphics Accepted 2008 01
#85637 Rotation to Bar chart should be also rotate the Axis Title chart Accepted
#86098 crash when switching icons Framework Accepted 2008 04
#86171 ODFF: MINA(range)=MIN(range): text should equal zero also for formulas returning text SC Accepted 2008 03
#86496 PasswordContainer unit tests  framework Accepted  2008 02
#86579 Can't change Asian fonts in Charts chart2 Accepted 2008 03
#86643 ODFF: Make COUNT ignore error results SC wait for review 2008 03
#86721 ODFF: Function N() should return 0 also for literal text that could be interpreted as number SC Accepted 2008 03
#86787 Slow context menu if system font list is large framework Accepted 2008 03
#86945 <DELETE>and<TAB> key not applied in Navigator::Scenario view SC Accepted 2008 03
#87737 Redesign accelerators FrameWork Wait for review 2008 04
#88075 wrong percentage display in data label chart2 Accepted 2008 04
#88437 Add Zoom Slider to Calc! sc Accepted 2008 07
#17995 improving the function of filter sc Accepted
#78753 OLE Object Cannot be edited when saved on a PPT file framework Accecpted 2008 11

Here is the CWSs List that contributed by RedOffice Team

list for detail

CWS name Summary Members Status
loadofd Parallel load performance in progress
loadodf lag load performance in progress
impressintelligentgroup01 New feature--Intelligent Group in Impress, in progress
asyncdialogs2 Change selected dialogs from synchronous Dialog::Execute() to asynchronous new dialog API (2. Part).moved target from 2.3 to 2.4,, wait for integrated
python25 This CWS is build for the migration of python.The most important content: migrate to python2.5 instead of actual 2.3.5.,,,, wait for integrated
swrefactor071015 1) Different Views can't have different layouts 2) you can't print w/o a view,,,, wait for integrated
outlinelevel Introduce a new paragraph and paragraph style attribute, named “outline level”, to transform a normal paragraph directly and independently from any certain list style or paragraph style into a heading.,,,,, integrated
swredline02 Bug fixes related to change tracking in Writer for OOo3.2, wait for integrated
charunit This CWS aims to add a measurement unit named "character unit" for CJK usrs.,, new
uoffilter UOF(Uniform Office Format) is Chinese national standard of office file format.This project is to create a plugin filter to implement the convertion between UOF and ODF.The filters use XSLT.,, integrated
configitems02_svn Replace removed CWS configitems01. Some configuration access points was changed internaly to make it compatible with extensions stuff.The following areas has to be tested:
-recent file list
-help bookmarks
-tools->options->user settings
-tools->options->accessibility settings
-print options,, integrated
accelerators01svn move accelerators configuration from "internal XML" to public XCS/XCU based format so it can be used by extensions also,, integrated
recovery05 improve recovery,, new
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