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This section is meant to keep track of the bugs plaguing the add-on, as well as any features people would like to see in upcoming versions. For now, there are three categories on this page:

  • Bugs: things that need to be fixed urgently (ideally, in the next release).
  • Feature Requests: things that need to be added at some point in the future, but are not necessary for the healthy functioning of the software.
  • Implemented Requests: once anything in the categories above is implemented, it is moved here.


  • Passing the following code to RCalcDump causes a NullPointerException:
nls(y ~ a*x + b, data = data.frame(cbind(x = c(1.1, 2.1, 3, 3.9), y = c(1, 2, 3, 4))), start=list(a = 1, b = 1))

This is likely because the returned R object has embedded REXPs, functions, and environments.

  • Passing a<-127 to RCalcDump will cause it to print the outputs of the previous statement rather than this one.
  • R optional packages must be installed in the default R location... Otherwise they cannot be loaded.
  • The add-on needs to be installed manually -- Tools > Extension Manager fails to install properly.
  • Very slow in extremely large sets of data (probably due to using TCP/IP to send information).
  • RCalcDump does not print matrices and frames properly, but prints columns instead.
  • Missing values -- need a good way to deal with missing values. We cannot use a test for non-numeric values because of Factors in R.
  • Installation with extension manager on us_en version of OOo OK, and works as desired, but on Hungarian version R Add-On menu item failed to show in the main menu.
  • Loading external GUI files in Windows XP seems to not work (the files aren't found) when they are on the Desktop.
  • =COMBIN(50;28) returns 88749815264600,1

Feature Requests

  • Dynamic array output. As it stands, you need to know the size of the array if you want the RCalcCoder to output properly.
  • Make it so the {$BASE} keyword can be replaced with code. Currently, RCalcCaller won't work with

{$OUT#A1}<-var(c(1,2,3,4)) But having such code support would be extremely useful.

  • Make the actual syntax more intuitive and easier to use.
  • The getOutputs() function in the RCalcInterface is very inefficient and should be replaced (note that this is a fairly substantial coding change).
  • Make the coding window non-modal.
  • Allow for saving scripts in spreadsheets.
  • Make the "help()" function available through the add-on.
  • Communication between data.frames and spreadsheets in Calc.
  • Have the ability to update a persistent graphic. Here's the use case:
    1. User creates a graph (i.e. a histogram) from data.
    2. Data changes. User wishes to update the existing graph rather than generating a new one (b/c of format changes, etc.)
    3. This would be more useful if OpenOffice allowed dynamic linking of objects, which I don't think it does (so that updates to a linked object propagate to linked instances; something that MS Office does fairly well).
  • Plotting:
  • Add a way to loop from the coding window... Even a simple Loop: command would be useful.
  • Visualization.
    • 3D scatterplot doesn't work.
    • Unclear what a directed graph is.
  • Should have option to point to columns rather than contingency tables for Chi-square and Fisher exact tests.
  • Kaplan-Meier -- not sure how to enter the CI - I thought it would generate curves to demonstrate upper and lower bounds but not sure how to set it -- I entered the value "95" on the cell.
  • ANOVA command doesn't work at times.
  • Linear regression and GLM need confidence intervals as results. * ANOVA
  • Factor analysis interface is confusing.
  • ODE Solver -- what is the syntax for the initial condition?
  • Non-linear least squares -- what is the syntax for the start?


Here is a List of Ideas. Requires more packages, GUI Interfaces and possibly some coding.

Implemented Requests

  • Fixed bug: The following code doesn't seem to work in the RCalcCoder on Windows XP SP2, R 2.5.1:
  • Fixed bug: The following code doesn't seem to work in the RCalcCoder on Windows XP SP2, R 2.5.1 (seems to be a one character input line problem):
  • Fixed bug: The *.txt files used for GUI scripting don't load properly on many computers. May have something to do with using "library", and "require" might be a better option.
  • Fixed bug: Passing the following code causes the RCalcCoder to crash:
  • Fixed bug: As it stands, RCalcCaller can't read values from matrices with equations. This code does not work =RTestConnection() with a value of 0 or 1, it will throw an error if we refer to this in code. For example, try the code below:
// First, type =RTestConnection() in cell A1.
a <- {$A1}
  • Fixed bug: RCalcCaller can't accept String inputs from cells.
  • Fixed bug: Need to implement missing values.
  • Implemented Feature: Need to implement error output -- right now, nothing happens in the coding window.
  • Fixed bug: Need to implement error checking for GUI input fields.
  • Fixed bug: Move the "About" window to the main menu, not the "Advanced" tab.
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