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QA Camp at the Conference 2009 in Orvieto, Italy

Details about this event

QA Camp
Building: Palazzo dei Sette
Room: Sette 2
Date: 2009-11-05 04:15 PM -- 07:00 PM

Ideas about topics to discuss and about things to be done

  • talk about QA topics in general
  • talking about hot topics like the "Lots of UNCONFIRMED DEFECT-issues" thread within the QA mailing list
  • talking about iTeams and childworkspaces work (eg. to QA a CWS)
  • talking about application specific QA
  • how to strengthen communication between native language teams (QA related/ native language/l10n QA teams) and the "global" QA project ?

Maybe you'll attend to this event and you want to add a topic.
QA members who already worked on childworkspaces and those who were actively involved into application specific QA and testing are invited to bring-in their knowledge.

Details regarding discussion topics

Discussing the "Lots of UNCONFIRMED DEFECT-issues" thread (just an excerpt)

Mechtilde Stehmann: "I also try to do some issues a day but there are many issues where the reporter doesn't answer. So if I touch that issues the next time i set them to invalid and close them."
Stefan Weigel: "I do observe an additional problem:
A big part of those unconfirmed issues turn out to be a support case rather than a topic that should be handled by IssueTracker. This leads to an overload of IssueTracker and QA manpower. I don´t know, what can be done, to make people ask and discuss their problem in a forum or on a mailing list before filing an issue."
Joost Andrae: I can second this. Maybe using some sort of text template for this type of "support request" might be useful. Unfortunately each of these issues need to be worked on.
Marcus Lange: when it's really a support request (e.g., how to make text bold, my printer doesn't print, etc.) then we could point the user to the user@ooo mailing list with a explaining text and finaly close the issue.
Christoph Lukasiak: @marcus: as i know from my own behavior and from a lot of my colleges, this is already practice .. if you can help fast (one or two sentences or a link) you do so and close the issue, else you suggest to use the mailing lists, newsgroups etc. and close the issue.

.. as i see it, the problem is rather the big amount of issues and the small capacity of people who are able to confirm them .. mechtilde is one of the diligent people in the community, who try to handle that problem (also andrew jenson, who at the moment try to find further oo qa members inside the community), but at the end there are a few single persons who make the whole work inside this area and this 'girls & boys' do not get enough attention and support from the rest of the community .. maybe you can discuss that point, and how to improve that, on the oo conn.


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