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Project pages are outdated and don't look very tempting; finding them from the OOo home page needs too much clicks

Target audience

Users, developers, other contributors, people looking for contact, project descriptions, documentation

Desired content of project pages

Goal: users should have easy access and should be guided to reach their goal fast; contributors should have a comfortable entry

For users: FAQs, screen shots, documentation links, road map, links to tutorials/HowTos

For contributors: Links to contribution pages; work in progress, "to do" list, "hall of fame" for received contributions, links to specs

additional ideas: links to MLs+forums, feedback and contact forms, links to issue queries, announcements, simplified bug reporting

Ideas for project pages

- start page of the project shouldn't have much content but a clear navigation to the desired content

- most important things should be on top of the page so that they are seen without much scrolling

- navigation should be consistent across the whole OOo pages

- we should track hit counts for all of our pages to get feedback about their usefulness or the lack of it

- it doesn't matter where the content is (wiki or not), but it should look consistent

General ideas

- we should have links to OOo relevant blogs somewhere on the home page

- the applications images should link to the project pages, the current more marketing related content should become integrated into them

- this way the challenge of the application project pages will be to serve the different requirements of users and developers

- other projects with a more development or contribution oriented target audience will still be reachable as today; perhaps we can save one click (home page - projects - accepted projects - ...)

- the "community" idea should get a bigger representation on the starting page; perhaps we should have a second big button beneath the "get" button, titled with "community","join","contribute" or whatsoever; nice idea: red button with arrow "up".

- have a different navigation bar: "Developing-QA-Community-Download-Support-News&Info"

- make images for application looking like buttons


  • Introduce ideas about more emphasis on projects to website group (IHA)
  • Revamp QA home page as example for other projects (CLU/WG)
  • Prepare proposal about content structure for project webcontent (CJ/CD)
  • Define requirements for website usage statistics (KR)
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